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  1. bill d

    Caimore Magna Vice

    Evening all, Would anybody have the above, c-clamp or pedestal, that they would be willing to part with. Making up a kit for young chap and I'd like to get him a decent, sturdy vice without spending too much. I've used the above before and found it a very good vice for the money. Owners at...
  2. bill d

    10ft 7#

    Wanted- 10ft 7# Looking for either Greys XF2 or Daiwa Lexa 10ft 7# or anything in that bracket as long as money is right. Thanks
  3. bill d

    Light Olive Veniard dye

    I'm looking for the above. I think I used to have it, but I may be wrong. Tried all the usual sites that stock what appears to be the full range, with no luck. The colour doesn't appear on the Veniard site in the Dyes & Venpol section but does appear on their Dye colour chart:confused: I do see...
  4. bill d

    Hareline medium Dun Snowshoe

    Evening all, Can anybody provide me with a source for the above or would anyone have a pair or two they would be willing to part with, money waiting. Finding it very hard the get them in Medium Dun. Thanks
  5. bill d

    Greys Gr50

    Hello all, Just looking to compare the above with the now discontinued XF2. I was going to get either a 9ft6 or 10ft 7w in the XF2, but I did be interested in getting a new rod because of warranty etc. How do they compare action wise and which would have more backbone when fighting fish. It...
  6. bill d


    Morning all. Looking for a little help. I was going to get a few bits from Cabela's but the duties and taxes are HUGE $213.32 (€189.89), over a third of the actual cost of the order. It's been a while since I got anything large from the States so I assume this is the norm. Is there anyway...
  7. bill d

    Marryat Straight Scissors

    Yet another request. I had these scissors a few years ago until they dropped on a tile floor. I got them from Phil Holding but he and it appears every other supplier doesn't have them in stock anymore, probably discontinued. Anyone have a source for them or perhaps a spare, unwanted pair lying...
  8. bill d

    Mother of Pearl Lurex

    Hello all. I'm looking for a source for the above. I remember 20yrs ago I could get it in the local tackle shop but finding it quiet hard to get something that's ''just right'' nowadays. Can anyone provide a source for a spool or recommend a very close modern alternative. Cheers.
  9. bill d

    Replacement cork handle

    Hello all. I have an Orvis Western Comp Flex rod and the upper section of the handle where you'd place your thumb when casting has gone soft and can be pressed in. Does anyone know of a good craftsman who could replace the handle or perhaps suggest a method that would ''re-harden'' this...
  10. bill d

    Which issue

    A little obscure this one. Can somebody tell me what issue, I think it was TFF, where George Barron wrote an article on the correct way to tie a dabbler wing. I'm guessing it was around this time 2 years ago, maybe it was last year and I'm guessing it was TFF as I only flicked through the...
  11. bill d


    Can anyone tell me what vice Peter Gathercole is using in this clip. Thanks.
  12. bill d

    Russian Red Squirrel

    Hi all, I'm on the hunt for the above as I have an order of Brown/Grey Wulffs to tie for a man. For anyone who has the book, this fly appears on p106 of Patsy Derry's ''Irish Mayflies''. Mr Derry says he gets his from Veniard or uses Brown Squirrel. I have yet to find, online, a Veniard Russian...
  13. bill d

    XF2/ XF2 Comp

    Hello all. I'm looking to get a new rod for lough fishing next year, specifically for next years Mayfly on Derg and Corrib. I'm looking for a fast action rod (9ft 6in-10ft 7 weight) that can throw a long line for gnat fishing but most importantly it has to be stiff as I lost a lot of fish this...
  14. bill d

    Waterproof bib and brace

    Hello all. I'm sure this has been asked a thousand time before but can anyone recommend a bib and brace/trousers/jacket combo that IS actually waterproof. I spent the whole month of May sitting in a boat getting a wet ar*e, shoulders and forearms because my gear (Stillwater) was simply not...
  15. bill d

    Tip section for Cortland CL Fly Rod

    Hello all, I'm on the hunt for a tip section of a Cortland CL Graphite 11' 3'' 3 piece for a 6/7 line. If any one has any info on where I could get a spare tip or perhaps knows someone who could make one for me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  16. bill d

    Cheap rod for fast sinking lines.

    Hello all. I've never fished a fast sinking line in all my years of fishing. I want to try a little experiment next season at Mayfly time and I'll be fishing from a boat. As it's an experiment I don't want to spend a lot of money. I have found a Ron Thompson Steelhead Pro for £30 and a...
  17. bill d


    Apologies for the loud title but every member needs to read this post. Five weeks ago I bought myself a new Rio fly line and a packet of SNOWBEE BRAIDED LOOPS for the upcoming Mayfly fishing on my local lough. I have always used Moser Minicons but had ran out and not having the patience to wait...
  18. bill d

    Cortland CL

    I have a Cortland CL Graphite 11' 3" 6/7 3 piece rod. Top section freshly stepped on. From what I can remember the few times I used it back in the day it was stiff as a broom handle and just as heavy but I'd like to get replacement for the top section. Any info on getting this section replaced...
  19. bill d

    Just out of curiosity

    Can someone tell me the body on this dabbler I think it's this peacock mylar, but having never handled the stuff I can't be sure. Any ideas?
  20. bill d

    Looking for

    Gentlemen, I'm on the hunt for a dozen black Chinese cock hackles for spent mays, fiber length about an inch. Anybody be good enough to donate.