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  1. syphogenic

    I love a challenge

    Wade in chaps....we’ll take it from here...
  2. syphogenic

    I love a challenge

    Big brother, making me look like I’m the mad one!
  3. syphogenic

    I love a challenge

    It’s khnvccutchgvgulvlhgvljyvljhv,utc,
  4. syphogenic

    I love a challenge

    YIt’s u. It’s unbelievable.yvuyvlyuv
  5. syphogenic

    I love a challenge

    Threads that are hidden!
  6. syphogenic

    So, can we go fishing?

    One man boat there’s a thought...
  7. syphogenic

    So, can we go fishing?

    I’d say it’s most definitely a goer if you’re English. No doubt. Sport, travel, social isolation....tick tick tick
  8. syphogenic

    Fly tying electrical clips.

    Type soldering test hooks on ebays search.
  9. syphogenic

    Arthur Coves book - a fishing debate.

    What’s absolutely nuts about the previous answers to Paul100’s enquiry is that that it’s well known that competition angling is......I’m going to say dominated by catching new fish released for the purpose of which ever competition is being fished. For the most part it’s about targeting the...
  10. syphogenic

    Poorly Spooled UTC thread.

    I agree, the bobbins are good, it lies nice and flat when required. Okay, it’s not user friendly for rough hands, agreed. When you get quarter of the way into the spool and it becomes a tangled mess that’s a problem with the manufacturer. Now you probably won’t remember where you got it, don’t...
  11. syphogenic

    Poorly Spooled UTC thread.

    I have a spool Of shell pink 140 that I got given, it’s a mess too! I’ve no problem with Veevus or Danville’s but I’m after a flat thread like the UTC that’s reliable and I don’t have to throw away. Uni thread can spool their Trico without issue and it’s flat and much finer than the 70 denier so...
  12. syphogenic

    Poorly Spooled UTC thread.

    I’ve had enough of 70 denier UTC thread. I’ve had it from multiple sources over a dozen years and it’s a rare spool that the thread has been spooled correctly on. They usually end up in a mess with two threads coming off the bobbin because they’ve crossed over the thread when spooling. If it was...
  13. syphogenic

    Trout Leprosy

    Puffy skin disease...the rainbow trout disease that nobody wants to talk about, yet every fishery has it. Is it becoming worse...personal experience please?
  14. syphogenic

    Flies that just dont work.....for me

    The devils in the detail. If your not catching on a particular fly whilst others are doing well your missing something. it the thorax, there are umpteen variables that could be the convincer. could be 5-10 yards away from the fish willing to take it or depths wrong. Let’s...
  15. syphogenic

    attaching backing

    This is the best way to do it as Taffy says. There really isn’t a better way to do it, it’s the smoothest and strongest transition, better than any kind of knot. A no brainer.
  16. syphogenic

    Pure and utter Sh**e

    Yeah, bought a couple about 5-6 years back, stopped using John Norris after that, anything that came through the door after that went straight in the bin. The lines were sticky and smelled like a hospital. That’s how you lose customers, sell them complete and utter sh*** at your peril.
  17. syphogenic

    Is this cheating - an update

    Mop flies/cheesy wotsits, snakes/ lures under the bung...squirmy wormies under an ear defender on a hook or a manufactured bung, beaded blobs, pellet flies...the list goes on. These methods are either catching naive stocked fish or trout that haven’t seen that presentation before. It’s that...
  18. syphogenic

    Pure and utter Sh**e

    Like the title the sh*** that you’ve bought lately so other anglers can avoid it. I’d like to start with knapek barbless pupa hooks size 14, I’d have been better fashioning my own hooks out of solder wire, they’d probably be just as possibly stronger. Dohiku 644, another...
  19. syphogenic


    Will he know you’ve named him and is he a dab hand with the blob? - - - Updated - - - I was discussing this today with a mate whom I’d name the black muddler. 😉 Now here’s the thing....he thinks of himself as the traditional Dunkeld! 😂😂😂