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    North Yorkshire Water Park

    Has anyone fished here lately, it used to be called Wykeham Lakes. Fished it last week for the first time, and I wasn't impressed. The trout lake was nice, plenty of platforms ,and the bankside vegetation etc was well managed.My main concern was that it now looks as though the fishing has...
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    Pike fishing West Yorkshire

    I have a hankering to try fly fishing for pike this winter, does anyone know if venues such as the river Aire ? Aire Calder canal, Walton canal, etc or any lake / pond in the Wakefield, Castleford area are suitable ?
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    Barrio Lines

    Well over a year ago after reading lots of favourable chat on this site I bought a Barrio WF3 line . I fitted it to an old STH small arbor reel and put it away . For various reasons I never had the opportunity to fish the line until yesterday,after a morning euro nymphing I wanted to fish dry...
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    New to Euro nymphing

    I had my first try euro nymphing yesterday, very interesting fishing.What do other members use for the running line ? I just used 10Lb mono, has anybody used the special camo tapered leaders, and are they any better than straight mono? I also saw on a video someone recommending Stren UV ,but I...
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    Foulhooking when using Klink & Dink

    For the second time in two trips I hooked a trout in the tail area with a small nymph tied off the bend of a klinkhammer, is this just an accidental occurrence or something to be expected now and then with this method ? Both times the fish tried to take the klink , maybe I need to time my...
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    Vanishing Trout

    For the last 2 seasons our small syndicate on the middle Ure have stocked (as per E A rules ) triploid brownies,and for the last2 seasons our catches of these stocked fish have been minimal compared to previous years.Has anyone else noticed this with triploids?