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    Four flies

    Hi guys a bit of fun you need to pick four flies that will catch fish for you to survive freshwater river lake or loch scenarios recipes optional think bear Grylls
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    wish list

    Hi guys whats on everyones xmas wish list for this year also whats on everyones bucket list of places or fish you would like to tick off im thinking slippers and kippers or maybe a bike and pike tight lines
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    food and drinks

    Hi all bit of a poll what is everyone s food and drink of choice for a day on the loch lake or river we have a good mixture of members and location s anybody take something other than ham sandwich es or a hamper from harrods tight lines
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    what do you take to eat

    hi guys bit of fun what does everyone take in there lunch box for a days fishing need something to keep the spirits up when not catching and its a well known fact the fish will come on when you are taking the first bite of a scotch egg or your mate is pouring you a cuppa
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    new line

    is it worth adding another line to an already full spool bag as in purchasing a new midge tip or using polyleaders on a floating line loch fishing bank and boat i often think of that question they used to ask on desert island discs but in a fishing sense what rod what line and three flies and...