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  1. trout_bum1

    Barrio Lines

    I tend to go for the longer heads on my floaters and the GT has that. The other two are the Ballistic made by Cortland and the S.A. M.E.D. floaters . I do think the Barrio GT125 is great value for the money and one of the few lines recognised by the BFCC, as it conforms to the specified weight...
  2. trout_bum1

    Barrio Lines

    The Barrio GT 125 is a cracking line.
  3. trout_bum1

    Ahrex hooks

    Yes, he cropped up from nowhere, because I sent him a link to this post via Brian's facebook page. Thought is was right that I should draw his attention to this post. He's joined the forum and answered your original comment.
  4. trout_bum1

    Short Shooting Heads

    This coming March, Trout & Salmon magazine will have an article on fly fishing Grafham water from the bank. There just might be a few tips on offer. Sunray has a fly line that'll shoot out the whole line with just about nowt outside the rod tip. Their videos are on youtube for a look-see.
  5. trout_bum1

    Wanted Floyd Dean accelerator

    Wanted Floyd Dean accelerator
  6. trout_bum1

    Emperor's New Clothes Buzzer

    The Emperor is most probably dead as this post is 2008.
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    Just joined as an associate member.

    I have just signed up as an associate. I am based in Coventry and shall be looking for a mentor.:)
  8. trout_bum1

    Is this cheating?

    I haven’t read a single reply to your thread. My apologies if someone has already given the same answer. Some 25 or longer years ago, I/We used to fish a small lake in Oxford. I’m not going to reveal the lakes name but we will just call the owner John. The cost to fish this venue back then...
  9. trout_bum1

    Best underwater, cheap as chips, action camera other than a gopro?

    Going to dip my toes in before I buy a gopro and have a bash with something much cheaper than the hero7, just to start with and get a feel for it. Looking at these two: Campark Action Camera 4K 16MP WiFi Sports Cam Underwater 30M Camcorder 2" LCD 7793351109661 | eBay Zennox WiFi Action Camera...
  10. trout_bum1

    Chest pack/sling pack

    If you plan to wade up to your waist, then airflo outlander rucksack: Airflo NEW Detachable Lightweight Rod Holding Fly Fishing Rucksack & Chestpack 53163510572 | eBay If you are wading above waist depth then a simple lanyard like this: Fly Fishing Lanyard Quality Leather (Over The Head) (Ref...
  11. trout_bum1

    Which beat on the Welsh Dee day ticket water?

    Crogen 1, Crogen 2 or Crogen 3? Never fished it any advise would be great. I can see that Crogen 2 is both banks, but...
  12. trout_bum1

    Fly rod cork handle grips are undersized?

    Anyone else agree: Fly rod cork handle grips are undersized?
  13. trout_bum1

    Wanted Airflo Airlite V2 10' #8 weight ex demo?

    Anyone, I'm still after this rod?
  14. trout_bum1

    Best tippet for competitions

    If you are buying expensive fluorocarbon, and I cannot think of a good cheap one, when you are fishing and get a tangle which is going to take up far too much of your competition time to untangle do not bin it. I keep several zip lock bags for my knitting. When I get home and have time I do my...
  15. trout_bum1

    Wanted Airflo Super Stik 2 comp special #8 ex demo or flawed ( bubbles in whippings etc)

    Airflo Super Stik 2 10' for #8 weight required. Will pay up to £60 for an ex demo or cosmetically flawed but otherwise perfect rod.
  16. trout_bum1

    Wanted Airflo Airlite V2 10' #8 weight ex demo?

    As the above says I am after an Airflo Airlite V2 10' #8 weight ex demo in cracking to mint condition. Will pay a maximum of £100 for rod with tube plus postage.
  17. trout_bum1

    Oversized cork grip.Where can I purchase?

    Looking to purchse an oversized cork grip, that is the O.D. is slightly thicker then normal to suit my oversized hands. Any info?
  18. trout_bum1

    Grayling among five new record fish claims ratified by British Record Fish Committee

    Ray looked really happy about his record catch.
  19. trout_bum1

    Flies for barbel and river carp

    Have a gander here for some inspiration. Nice article. Barbel on the Fly | Eat, Sleep, Fish