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    Flies I wouldn't be without

    Don't worry. Your snipe wings are still curing. I will have them in the post when ready.
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    One Minute per Pound

    I have heard that rule of thumb from a lot of old anglers.I also only ever heard it in relation to salmon fishing in a river not lough or any still water salmon fishing or indeed trout fishing. I once had a grilse out in about 20 seconds when I was about 18.Hooked it and it ran straight into a...
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    Travelling Light

    If I am boat fishing on the lough I have one bag that contains flies,leaders,gink etc and also my lunch.Same gear stays in the bag all season. If I am on the river trout or salmon fishing I carry one or possibly two small boxes of flies and a spool of leader. The only exception to this rule is...
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    Red Squirrel

    I know I asked the question if anyone had ever been investigated for illegally holding an animal part as I have never heard of any. I read a story last week somewhere about a woman who lived off road kill etc which was in the national press so surely she must have some interesting wildlife in...
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    Red Squirrel

    Has anyone ever heard of anyone's freezer being inspected bar maybe a taxidermists, game dealers or someone in that sort of line of work? I am not recommending anyone to break the law but I would have thought that searching a fisherman's freezer on the off chance that he snipped the tail off a...
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    Blk Pennell

    That will certainly catch fish,it is the one I started off fishing in the local river and used to have great catches on it.Did so well on it I used to fish two of them at a time and nothing else.Later when I got a boat and fished loughs more I found it a very useful fly especially in small...
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    Rare bluefin tuna found washed up on shore of Highland loch

    I have caught bluefin tune off the west coast of Ireland. It is very heavily policed and legislated but great fun to do.The season has just closed in the last few weeks. Had two one day this summer,biggest was over 450lb (going by length).Amazing to see them feeding up close to the boat along...
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    New gear

    We always used Son of a Gun on our floating lines.Worked really well and if you use a white cloth it was amazing to see how much dirt comes off your line. I hammer a nail into a fence post and out the braided loop over that then run the reel out to another fence post and wrap the marking around...
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    Anyone here stripped things back to basics?

    I use a floating line all season,I have an intermediate somewhere but have never fished with it. Have a fair few flies in a few boxes,as I tie my own flies it is easy to gather up flies.I only take one bag in the boat with maybe 3 boxes in it,lough flies, dry mays/sedges and spent gnats.Once the...
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    Goose Biots

    Evening, I have shot a few Canada geese in the last week I have kept the feathers with the biots on it and wanted to dye them.I tried to dye them as normal but they didn't take as well as other feathers. Is there anything I can do to improve the uptake of the dye?I didn't bleach the feathers...
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    Royal Wullf

    Now that really is more like it.Well done and fair play for sticking at it. You picked an awkward fly to tie and although the first efforts weren't exactly perfect I am delighted to see this one.I really would have no hesitation to put it on my leader. Possibly wings and hackle a wee bit long...
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    How many rods have you actually fished with this year?

    I started wet fly in the lough with my 10' #6. This rod stayed in the car for months until I went for 2 weeks holiday then it was put back in the car and actually is still there now. Have prob fished 60+ times (rivers and loughs)this season but due to handiness or perhaps laziness I have just...
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    Royal Wulff

    Practice makes perfect!! Don't think of my points as being critical more constructive advice. I would also say don't give up.I have taken the scalpel to more bad Wulffs than I can remember but I got there in the end. Looking forward to seeing your next few flies.
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    Royal Wulff

    The fly you are tying is not simple so don't give up. A few points I can see which are easily fixed are: 1.Don't bring the tail over the bend of the hook too far as this will leave the tail pointing down.It should be straight in line with the shank. 2. The hackle is tied in too far from the...
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    Irish Rise book

    I use B830's for all my Wulffs and spent gnats.Never had an issue with them.
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    Royal wulff

    I still have the odd issue tying Wulffs at times but it is one of the few flies I tie that I would nearly have what I think is too much hackle on and it is then the right amount.They really do need a lot and the above image in the Charlie Craven video is the right amount.I have tied them with...
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    Good Deer Hair

    Hi, I preserved some of the skin from various deer I shot last season.Not sure what I have left as I gave a fair bit away but certainly have some fallow and possibly a bit of sika. If that is any good to you I can post it during the week? PM me your details if I can be of help.
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    New lough boat

    I have a Burke boat which is 19' long.I made up a board that would carry the light board and has two holes in it that fit over the pins in the middle of the boat.I thought it worked ok until a friend followed me home one night and said it was too low,he could only see it part of the time. I then...
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    Royal Wullf and Hair Stacker

    As I have said earlier I am a huge fan of the RW at mayfly time until the fish turn their attention to the gnat but years ago when I was about 13 or 14 a friend of mine came back from holiday in the states.He brought me a small blister pack of 3 RW which must have been either #14 or #16 and the...
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    Royal Wullf and Hair Stacker

    I really like the Royal Wulff. It is really my main go to dry fly in a hatch of mayfly and even though it looks nothing like a mayfly it really does the job. I also tie a green variation with a green/yellow hackle,olive green floss body and grey squirrel posts.Use either deer hair or squirrel...