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    I love a challenge

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    Poorly Spooled UTC thread.

    I’ve had enough of 70 denier UTC thread. I’ve had it from multiple sources over a dozen years and it’s a rare spool that the thread has been spooled correctly on. They usually end up in a mess with two threads coming off the bobbin because they’ve crossed over the thread when spooling. If it was...
  3. syphogenic

    Trout Leprosy

    Puffy skin disease...the rainbow trout disease that nobody wants to talk about, yet every fishery has it. Is it becoming worse...personal experience please?
  4. syphogenic

    Pure and utter Sh**e

    Like the title the sh*** that you’ve bought lately so other anglers can avoid it. I’d like to start with knapek barbless pupa hooks size 14, I’d have been better fashioning my own hooks out of solder wire, they’d probably be just as possibly stronger. Dohiku 644, another...
  5. syphogenic


    We’ve all got favourite flies that seem to be magical for us, yet run of the mill for others 🙄 If you were to name your fishing buddies by their go to pattern, or someone you see regularly at your favourite fishing spot....what would you call them...for instance big black boobies or silver and...
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    Henry Ford Barbless Hooks.

    You can have them in any colour you like as long as it’s Black Nickel. The vast majority of barbless hooks are now in a Black Nickel finish. I’m wondering the reason for this. Personally I’d prefer a Silver Nickel finish. I’m wondering what people’s views are on this. Do people prefer them...
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    2019 wish list.

    What would you’d like to see in fly fishing 2019...I’ve had one wish answered so far! That apart, when are Kamasan going to bring out a barbless B175...An entire range would be too much to hope for! Slightly wider gape to accommodate loss of gape for the nice up-turned razor sharp point, akin to...
  8. syphogenic

    Aero Dry Wing

    Good product, loses the dye relatively quickly. Absolutely extortionate for what it is. Claims to be hollow with three chambers running throughout its length :whistle: Are there any boffins on the forum with access to an electron microscope who can show us a nice close up of this amazing...
  9. syphogenic

    Advice required..

    I fish a small to medium sized club run water in the Pentland hills area of Edinburgh. I regularly have to watch experienced anglers bank rainbow trout, flapping in inch deep water on a gravelly sandy bank, sometimes really stoney as they remove hooks from them to release them. I watch one...
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    Tiemco Bobbin Holders

    The soft grip tubing on my holders have become stretched and move around. A black oily substance seeps out from the braize/solder, it could be a flux, I've no idea? It doesn't matter if I clean this substance off it simply regenerates again. I'm sure many tiers are experiencing this. I was...
  11. syphogenic

    Skill or no Cheating...the flip side of the coin.

    Kevin caught a cheat with hours and hours of observation. I've no doubt. However, many anglers have been accused of cheating that were actually doing better than the rest! I was accused of cheating many years ago. I was fishing a fun comp from a boat on a 20 acre smallwater with a partner from...
  12. syphogenic

    Terrified trout.

    Every now and then I catch a trout that is shivering/quivering with fear, not just desperate to return to its habitat, but shaking uncontrollaby from what I can only presume is fear of impending death. I question what I do for fun and relaxation. Good news is, that he/she is going back...
  13. syphogenic

    Jim Tuck uses his nob

    Fritz ad Flies Guru JT...a man at the fore-front of producing the latest patterns is ahead of the market before it happens. Hulks nob supremo....knows how to use his cock..hackles...A man at the cutting edge of stillwater fly fishing, no jokes! Jim, update yer website...we need to know! you...
  14. syphogenic

    RPL + rods

    There are 2 available on e-bay right now...796's 7 weight in a 9'6" a magic rod! It's Ted Carter a fishing shop? It's listed as a 7'9 for a six weight..that's what their advertising them as!:D £350 is a bit too steep even if it is new/unused, £230 is a bargain if you could thrash a deal out.
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    Weights and measures

    Weights and measures I was of the belief that anything sold had to state the weight or length. When it comes to fly tying materials some suppliers are getting away with murder. This has niggled me for years. Fritz is a classic example...I recently bought some online and found it to be a third...
  16. syphogenic

    The UK's most well known fly???

    I was wondering what the most famous/well known fly is in the UK...would it be the Hares Ear nymph, PheasantTail nymph....a traditional classic like Kate McLaren or Silver Butcher...........or would it be a modern fly...the infamous blob??? Or maybe Booby?? I asked the missus to name two flies...
  17. syphogenic

    BUG BOND not impressed

    Finally bought B Bond...Pro torch, pro tips and a bottle of lite-bond. Tried a sample when I recieved it and it set pretty hard, no tack. Since then it's been like a badly mixed two-part epoxy requiring the varnish to stop the tacky consistency. I reckon it's because the torch is eating the...
  18. syphogenic

    Posting Pictures

    I would like to post pictures of flies amongst other things on the forum..the problem is I have absolutely no clue on digital cameras. I know you can get the really expensive one's with macro lenses that give awesome close ups to the point you can see the hairs on a Bluebottles legs. I have a...
  19. syphogenic

    Dubbing Materials/hoarders

    Dubbing material has to the biggest waste of fly tyers cash ever...what percentage of dubbing materials could you easily part with without getting the "maybe I should have hung on to that shade/sparkle" I know it's really difficult, but if you really had to keep what you think you would...
  20. syphogenic

    Veniards Centipede Legs (mini) Warning

    :mad: Having just bought 3 colours of the aforementioned legs, I must warn tyers of how poor quality they are. The legs are barred and look fantastic, however, after tying a fly with them I noticed that the barring just rubbed off with finger contact. It really is pathetic considering they cost...