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  1. bigtel

    Chase me

    Come on me trout chase me.
  2. bigtel

    Fries anybody

    Playing with fry patterns today
  3. bigtel


    Morning gents I'm looking for a saltwater rod and reel. Anybody looking to move 1 on. Terry
  4. bigtel


    Few from this wkend. 10s down to 16
  5. bigtel

    Sugar anybody

    Size 14 sugar cube emerger
  6. bigtel

    Top 3

    Tough week on lochearn red-hot all week.fished 3 fly trace this was my most top 3.2mm beaded cormy on point bibbio middle dropper katey top dropper. all my own work ofcoarse
  7. bigtel


    Lochearn this taken with my phone.
  8. bigtel

    Oh dear

    Snapped my rod yesterday so looking to buy a 10ft 7# medium/fast actioned rod. Anybody downsizing and wants to move 1 on let me know. Terry
  9. bigtel


    Well im off upto lochearnhead for a weeks holiday saturday. Hoping to get a day on the loch boat fishing never been on a boat so if any of my Scottish friends on here live local and fancy taking a novice out drop me a line. I will pay for boat hire you just pay for your permit. Terry
  10. bigtel

    Rate my box.

    This is my work on my loch box. Need some more dries but am to busy at work now so these might have to do. I have a box of uglies done already been working really hard on these over last 2 weeks.
  11. bigtel

    Loch box

    Few more for my Scottish trip
  12. bigtel

    Cat variant

    A cat variant. It will get wet in Scotland Dry and wet
  13. bigtel

    Olive damsel

    Damsel for my upcoming trip to Scotland
  14. bigtel


    I'm looking to see if anybody is looking to move on a 10ft 5# set up rod and reel lines. Tia Terry
  15. bigtel

    Dawsons cormorant

    1 for the summer months.deadly little pattern. Size 10 barbless
  16. bigtel

    White and black

    Playing with my cream feathers.
  17. bigtel


    Haven't tied any wets for a long time so bit rusty. Off to Scotland soon so going to do a wee box of wets. My cloaked bibio size 10 barbless. Yes or no
  18. bigtel

    Fly advice

    I'm going to lochearn for a weeks holiday end of June. What flies should I be taking. Any advice on lochs close by would be appreciated also.
  19. bigtel

    Lochearn advice

    I'm having a weeks holiday on lochearn at the end of June. Any advice on flies etc. Never fished a Loch before. Also anybody with any local knowledge can point me in direction of some close by lochs etc. Tia
  20. bigtel

    Help and advice

    I'm having a weeks holiday at the end of June on lochearn. Never fished a Loch so advice on what flies etc would be appreciated. Also looking to fish some lochs close by not to faraway as the wife will moan about me fishing all week lol. Anybody with any local knowledge point me in the right...