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  1. gg76

    The search for the perfect 5 weight rod....

    I was fishing the Clyde one day last season with 2 rods. 1 was a Maxcatch black star and the other an Atomsix. The Maxcatch was OK but not as enjoyable to use as the Atomsix. Maybe a better caster than me would have got more out of the Maxcatch rod anyway I haven't used the Blackstar since or...
  2. gg76

    Maybole flyfishing venues??

    Hi Baltic, Do you need Info for the next season or is it for fishing over the winter? If its the latter you are looking at small still waters mostly. You might be able to buy a day ticket for grayling on the Nith. Cheers
  3. gg76

    Polarized sunglasses for fly fishing

    Thanks Bonefish, These shades look really good! Thanks for talking the time to post. And aye a floating pair would have come in handy 😏 Cheers G
  4. gg76

    Polarized sunglasses for fly fishing

    Hi, it was the tuna alley blue 580p that I lost and looking to replace.
  5. gg76

    Polarized sunglasses for fly fishing

    Hi Skaj, Did you have to pay any import tax on these sunnies? I need a new pair of Costas after mine went into the drink at Lake of Mentieth ! cheers G
  6. gg76

    SOLD SOLD Hardy sintrix jet and Hardy reel

    Hi, Selling my Hardy outfit, 10ft 7wt Sintrix Jet that has seen little use, with a Hardy FW DD 6000 reel loaded with a Rio mainstream line. There is a couple of small chips on the bottom of the reel which I have tried to capture in the photographs. The line has been used for 1 session. For...
  7. gg76

    Swap Hardy Jet sintrex 10ft 7wt for a 10ft 5wt?

    Hi , As above,looking for a quality medium/fast 5wt I can throw in a Hardy fW dd 6000 reel loaded with a 7wt Rio line . Thanks G
  8. gg76

    Wanted quality 10ft 5wt

    As above looking for a quality 10ft 5wt please. I might swap a 10ft 7wt Hardy jet or cash Thanks
  9. gg76

    Dry Fly Box

    Hi , I bought 1 of these a couple of years ago and thought it was great , however the springs went on the compartments after a month or so and it went straight in the bin. maybe I was just unlucky? Cheers
  10. gg76

    Dry Fly Box

    Hi Pati i have been using the loop box for around 6 months and shows no sign of failure. Its a nice piece of kit and well made. cheers G
  11. gg76

    Galloway hills lochs

    Sorry my reply is slightly outdated it’s been around 20 years since I was last there!
  12. gg76

    Galloway hills lochs

    Hi Ohanzee, Have you had a look at Loch Bradan side for access?
  13. gg76

    Loch more Caithness

    Thanks Noodles , That is great information, I will look elsewhere.👍
  14. gg76

    Loch more Caithness

    Thanks Fellas, My friends and I make the trip every year around June to the Halladale and Altnabreac lochs. I just thought it would make a change for 1 day drifting for salmon. I will ask the River Thurso Company if this is possible. Thanks again G
  15. gg76

    Loch more Caithness

    Hi , Does anyone have an up to date contact no. for hiring a boat for the loch ? Thanks G
  16. gg76

    EU Fly shop registered for UK VAT

    I recently bought a new vice from pro tackle shop which was way cheaper than any uk supplier. I had to wait a few weeks for it to arrive though , which was fine with me as it was a cracking deal.
  17. gg76


    Does anyone know the latest voucher code ? STOCK20 is not working ? cheers
  18. gg76

    Simms nippers and lanyard.

    No worries mate👍
  19. gg76

    Simms nippers and lanyard.

    Ah too slow, lost my Simms snips last year and don’t fancy shelling out full price again 😩
  20. gg76

    Fly Reel

    Not sure re the drags? Glad your reel is a good 1 👍think it’s very hit or miss?