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  1. stupike

    Wikie does catfish on the fly

    FRAPED!!!!!!!!!!!! ( think this is the term for a bawbag using your forum) :omg: come 8 oclock at nite son your like a burst couch! :D
  2. stupike

    Wikie does catfish on the fly

    i fish with this guy alot me burns me oot for fun a machine...
  3. stupike

    Wikie does catfish on the fly

    ma old bro wilkie with a cat on the fly CATFISH RIVER EBRO - YouTube
  4. stupike

    Vision Beanie

    correct m8, a have a look at the new stuff coming in and pre-order what at want , that way it is sent out as soon as it hits the country, i have used this company , Helsinki Spey Clave - Helsinki Spey Clave , on many occasions when the gear is unavailble in this country, great service and...
  5. stupike

    Vision Beanie

    i get all my vision gear here The Sports Shop - Stranraer ,my local tackle shop and a great guy to deal with, a got the three new vision beanies about a month ago so they are in the country, roll on april till i get the hold of the new extreme rod!:thumbs:
  6. stupike

    some big grayling magic price 8ft #2
  7. stupike

    some big grayling

    its a gid job you didny put on the HUGE GRAYLING pics m8 , then it really would have kicked off :D, this is the reason i personally dont post on the forum, there is always someone out there trying to shoot you down, 99% of the guys on the forum are brand new then there,s that 1% that nick pick...
  8. stupike

    vision ikon waders xxl

    get uresell oot to ma hoose the day and al gi them to u for 80 bucks m8
  9. stupike

    vision ikon waders xxl

    no probs m8 , a could have worded the post a bit better , cheers stu
  10. stupike

    vision ikon waders xxl

    :confused: says £149.99 on my ebay aswell? this is the best deal i have found on the net, i own 2 pair of these already along with the ikon hip waders , no need for a 3rd pair , cheers stu
  11. stupike

    vision ikon waders xxl

    brand new with tags £110 posted GUIDELINE IKON WADERS SIZE XXL RRP £199.00 | eBay best deal a can find cheers stu...
  12. stupike

    Costumer service at Stirling Angling Center

    hats off to the guy,s at stirling angling centre , how many online retailers would give you the waders off their back? there is a lot to be said for buying from your local shop and being able to talk to someone in person, 500 odd bucks for a pair o waders :eek: to leak on their first trip:omg...
  13. stupike

    Alderneuk Report

    first time ave managed to get down to the neuk in a few month, me and my brother managed 6 between us on monday , all the fish where of this quality and fought like demons, a had my chance for a big guy as i pulled out of a rainbow that was well in to double figures and witnessed another 2...
  14. stupike

    Anyone Tie and Sell Pike Flies?

    a dont know who ties these flies but i have purchased about 50 of them and they are the dogs b****x! these are the best pike flies i have seen for the money , just thought a would share eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace...
  15. stupike

    first day at the pike

    aye wilkie your bang on the money , a was strugglin big time till you gave me a funky roach, the funky fibre is the real deal m8, a dont tie flies anymore but a do mooch a few and a know a killer when a see one, so get back on the vice madman and get some more funky,s tied up! Stu
  16. stupike

    The rook dabbler

    ad use that no probs , top dropper, wi that funky fibre roach on the point!:eek: :D
  17. stupike

    THE Stu~bach

    two fish from yesterday on the jc stu bach on a size 14
  18. stupike

    Alderneuk Report

    first trip of the year to the neuk not the best of days with the weather being wet and wild but the warm welcome and the fish more than compensate, after a few cups of coffee a made a start, first or second cast off the dam wall...
  19. stupike

    For the brown trout

    only problem with these flies are they are 6" too short :D some quality stuff there m8
  20. stupike

    Funky roach

    am liking the look of them bro, and here was me thinking you where going back too the troot:eek: :thumbs: