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  1. graylinghunter

    two man tent advice

    anyone suggestions for a good two man tent? looking to buy used... lightweight for hiking to venue ...please only advise if you have used one.
  2. graylinghunter

    Hardy Angel mk1 TE made in england rare used 4/5

    Hardy Angel Mk1 TE fly reel made in England numbered collectors rare! trout 4/5 | eBay
  3. graylinghunter

    Wychwood River & Stream 10ft 4wt

    Wanted must be in good condition Wychwood River & Stream 10ft 4wt note I can buy new posted for £125 might consider similar rods...\
  4. graylinghunter

    Denson's Birthday Comp/Match on Stocks fantastic turn out..

    :D:D:DFantastic turn out for scratches (Rob Denson) Birthday comp yesterday on stocks reservoir. Great to put some faces to names..from the forum.... Fantastic venue with a cracking bunch of blokes really enjoyed the day out. Happy Birthday moaning old ******..!:D :wine:
  5. graylinghunter

    Bruce and walker Powerlite Salmon

    Bruce and walker Powerlite Salmon swap for bunny gun .....13 foot 7-9 £250 used 3 times. like new. with Sock might consider swap for quality air rifle..
  6. graylinghunter

    Z-axis 7wt 10 foot four section

    zaxis 7wt four section - YouTube Z-axis 7wt 10 foot four section custom £230 plus postage Uk £15 special deliver or pick up.... no offers
  7. graylinghunter

    rhino rvx-44 for sale up only..44lbs thrust

    pdf description see link... £95.00 Used in full working order pick up only.... st helens post code wa11 9jq Comes with spare Prop.. used about 20..times .again no offers....
  8. graylinghunter

    fly rods for sale..sage xp-s/z-axis and bruce and walker

    Well never thought the day would come but no longer addicted to fly fishing :eek: And a hectic life with young children has taken over...... Might even sell the web site if made a sensible offer... site stats.... Founded: Mar 12 2007 164 Avg visits per day 222 Avg...
  9. graylinghunter

    Ribble tributary polluted

    BBC News - Waste oil dumped in Savick Brook, Fulwood on map Savick Brook Farm Blackpool Rd, Clifton, Preston PR4 0XD, United Kingdom
  10. graylinghunter

    Seen these osprey shots had to share!

    Mike Rae: Fishing Ospreys of Rothiemurchus Mike Rae: Fishing Ospreys of Rothiemurchus ...:D
  11. graylinghunter

    Float tube venues near st helens

    Float tube venues near st helens wa11 looked at bfta site many are out of date. Iam off this week and fancy a paddle any suggestions welcome
  12. graylinghunter

    wading soles anti slip

    looking at new wading boots my korkers boots are still ok but they no longer make replacement felt sole for this pre boa model :( I have the rubber lug soles still unused and may install tungsten studs to these soles ) alternatively i may buy a new pair of felt size 12s The main...
  13. graylinghunter

    A Robin

  14. graylinghunter

    Anyone got any pimped up float tube pictures rod rests etc

    Hi all can you post some pictures of your float tube. I am Interested in pimped up features hold nets rods etc. I am off at the end of the month and fully intend to use this new tube..Iam not going to put in the garage and sell it at the end of the season..:p So the sooner its rigged up and...
  15. graylinghunter

    wanted Orvis Battenkill 3/4

    Orvis Battenkill 3/4 reel origonal note I can buy one new at £56 Just seeing if anyone has one lying around will pay up to £30 inc postage for a used one.
  16. graylinghunter

    Another bream on the fly Bamboo..

    Winged Hares ear variant.. Had a mixed bag of roach and bream and a few small perch this was the best I could do... 30 fish in about two hours
  17. graylinghunter

    FISH CAT 4 DELUXE £200 unused

    FISH CAT 4 DELUXE £200 unused Now sold Best sold on rather than taking up garage space. Just seem to of lost heart in fishing over the last few some good rods will be coming up soon as well..... The Outcast FISH CAT 4 DELUXE in red...Mint condition inflatable seat...Iam sure if your...
  18. graylinghunter

    Zhus fly rod split cane

    Today I took delivery a beautifully crafted cane Zhus 6'6", 2-piece, 2-tip rod, #3 weight Rod. Having built several modern fly rods for projects on my own forum, I was apprehensive prior to my purchase about the qualities of split cane, as I imagined split most spit cane rod to be a...
  19. graylinghunter

    Wild brown stream fishing ultralight now on youtube

    Northen Brook Brown Trout Fishing Part 1 Northen Brook Brown Trout Fishing Part 1 - YouTube Brook Trout fishing part 1
  20. graylinghunter

    New video Yesterday northern brook trout 2wt rod now on above server....public Had to put it on my own sever too big for youtube! Enjoy its 18 minutes Most of it filmed in the last week. tight lines graylinghunter