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  1. cool breeze

    Scierra, vision or some other wading jacket?

    The Stillwater Armour is a good jacket for a good price.
  2. cool breeze

    The flaw with unchecked reels?

    Great advice. (In 40 years of fly fishing, you could count the number of times I have fished from a boat on one hand; walking the bank, searching for fish is my passion.)
  3. cool breeze

    The flaw with unchecked reels?

    I tend to have quite a lot of excess line at my feet before casting. By excess line, I mean at least 3 yards more than needed for the entire cast. That approach would solve the problem with the reel, I think. (Incidentally, in my experience, while the cheapest reels do sometimes have a clicking...
  4. cool breeze

    Reel handle problem - any solutions?

    Wee Jimmy and 3lbgraying aka Jim: good news - the 3 in 1 has come up trumps, so maybe it'll sort your Coma's out too. I cut the tip of the cone right near the tip so as to minimise the flow. One tiny squeeze would probably have been enough, but I was a little impatient and squeezed again...
  5. cool breeze

    Reel handle problem - any solutions?

    The plot thickens. In that case, I'm off to Halfords for some 3 in 1...
  6. cool breeze

    Reel handle problem - any solutions?

    Ingenious. I may try it if the simple approach doesn't work. Having heard in the past that the chemicals are, in fact, pretty dire, I was taken aback to read this. After checking, I came across this rather fun rebuttal of the fish-oil rumour: (Check...
  7. cool breeze

    Reel handle problem - any solutions?

    Thanks. I'll give it a try, then.
  8. cool breeze

    Reel handle problem - any solutions?

    I've got a decent reel that is in very good condition other than the fact that the rubber handle has stiffened, such that it hardly turns when winding in. I doubt squeezing bicycle oil onto the handle will do anything as there is no visible gap between the rubber and what lies beneath, and I...
  9. cool breeze

    Can you hire tackle at Rutland?

    Hi. Sorry I missed your reply last night. I'll consider Eyebrow on a future occasion. We ended up going to Thornton Reservoir. The chap on the desk kindly took pity on us & leant us a couple of reels with fly lines. I'd been thinking of going there on Wednesday anyway. We had a very pleasant...
  10. cool breeze

    Can you hire tackle at Rutland?

    You're a gent! Thanking you very much for taking the time to let me know.
  11. cool breeze

    Can you hire tackle at Rutland?

    Thank you. I appreciate the reply. Unfortunately, after travelling hundreds of miles to the area I dare not travel another 50-odd tomorrow to the bank without knowing for sure if it's possible to hire/borrow some kit. (It looks like I'll be going elsewhere.)
  12. cool breeze

    Can you hire tackle at Rutland?

    Hi. Can anyone save my bacon by confirming that you can hire tackle at Rutland Water? I don't really want to admit what I've left at home... :omg:
  13. cool breeze

    Flextec fly rods

    I have the XRD rod (#8/9, used for saltwater), two of the travel rods, the CRX88 #7/8 (suitable for sea trout, and probably heavy lures), and previously had one of their salmon rods (which I only sold as I don't have time for salmon fishing, which is another story). The travel rods (#4/5 &...
  14. cool breeze

    Watch this and feel inadequate!

    I like the look of ...the Loop rod. It looks like it absorbs the lunges nicely. I wonder which one it is?
  15. cool breeze

    Wychwood customer service......terrible!!

    Hi Rapalaman - I just feel the need to urge a little caution for the sake of balance. It wouldn't be fair to cause wide damage to a company's reputation on the back of a small number of bad experiences IMHO. :thumbs: My impression of Wychwood is that it's not dirt cheap - more perhaps the...
  16. cool breeze

    Wear a cap

    Not sure about that headgear - reminds me of Jarjar Binks. However, I've also got a minute patch of dodgy skin & I know it started after a few dawn till dusk sessions in blazing sunshine. (Have never used suncream.) A timely reminder to think about these things. Good thread! Edit: I'm pretty...
  17. cool breeze

    Gerry MacDonald (Artifly)

    The Small Claims Court process comes to mind. Very cheap, very simple and very effective. It sounds like this clown deserves his comeuppance...
  18. cool breeze

    Tree Tops Flitshire

    Lake Hill Fishery is also worth a visit. Nice scenery, clear water, hard-fighting fish. Lake Hill Fishery Places like Errwood, Blithfield & Carsington all come to mind too. (I assume you've been to Patsull Park.)
  19. cool breeze

    Stocked vs Wild

    Both have their place, Douglas. Without the expansion of stocked rainbow fisheries the sport would not have undergone so many revolutionary developments in terms of tackle and techniques and vast numbers of people would never have experienced trout fishing in the first place. Personally I...
  20. cool breeze

    Flextec Speycaster Double Handed Salmon 14ft #9/10

    New Unused Flextec Speycaster Double Handed Salmon 14ft #9/10 I bought this after researching a good starter salmon rod. As things stand whenever I have the time I gravitate to trout fishing & I now don't think I'll get round to salmon fishing for the foreseeable future. £40 + £12 postage New...