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  1. Sunrider

    Complete Outfit - Everything must go!

    My complete outfit. GRXi 9' 5w, GRXi reel. Several boxes of flies, drys, wets, lures, nymphs the lot. Nets, line & tippet (although you'll probably want to change these) all the usual odds and sods. Orvis digital camou sling pack which is hardly used and anything else I can find to chuck in...
  2. Sunrider

    Orvis Silver Label Waders & Clearwater II boots

    Boots now sold. Waders under discussion.;)
  3. Sunrider

    Orvis Silver Label Waders & Clearwater II boots

    Not been used in a while but only a couple of seasons old. No leaks in the waders and in good condition. Size is medium/short with stocking foot. £65 Boots are same age in a size 9. I haven't even cleaned them. £35 They really good kit and cost a fair wedge when new. Much better than previous...
  4. Sunrider

    SKB Overdrive Reel 7w

    Reel now sold.
  5. Sunrider

    Greys GRXi 9'6" 7w

    Hanging up my waders so clearing out my kit. Rod in very good condition with tube and not seen a huge amount of usage, certainly nothing in the last year. £140 new so a bargain at £50 ono.
  6. Sunrider

    SKB Overdrive Reel 7w

    I'm hanging up my waders so will be clearing out my kit. Really fab reel, smooth and power drag, ideal for big reservoirs & Sea Trout. Some very minor useage marks but otherwise tip top condition and supplied with spare spool and pouch. SKB does some great stuff but you probably know that...
  7. Sunrider

    Crowdundle Beck - Eden Passport Scheme

    Fished that a few years back when the main river was high. Lovely little stream and easy to lose yourself for a while.
  8. Sunrider

    pictures of brown trout

    A proper highland brownie from a windy and misty loch on Mull. Crappy quality due to iffy phone and shaking hands.
  9. Sunrider

    Eden Passport beats advice needed

    That's a lovely stretch, I had my biggest Grayling to date from there.
  10. Sunrider

    Grafham This Week

    Sorry, not been there for a while but the reports are usually reasonably accurate.
  11. Sunrider

    Grafham This Week

    Anglian Water | Home | Leisure | Fishing news | All Fishing News | Grafham Water week ending 30 June
  12. Sunrider

    North Norfolk River Trouting .

    I fished the Bure just this Saturday. We did a club guest exchange and someone else arranged it so I'll see if I can find out the details. Fishing was pretty good. It's only a very small stream but in a pretty area around Aylsham. I believe it's stocked but there were quiet a few wild fish as well.
  13. Sunrider

    0TTERS v Anglers

    Awesome! Great shots.
  14. Sunrider

    Your top three wild trout water uk

    I have a secret little highland loch I like to fish on my holidays on the inner Hebrides . . . the fish probably average 1.5-3 lb and are the best looking fish I've ever seen. It can be a nightmare to fish but worth the challenge.
  15. Sunrider

    New to the game

    There's probably quite a lot of us who have come over from the coarse side of things, personally I'm from a match fishing background but no longer do it at all. If it's any encouragement Hywell Morgan told me that often ex-coarse anglers make the best fly anglers.
  16. Sunrider

    Chalkstream grayling

    They're a great day to go on. Hugh is a most affable guy and the beats you fish have some great Grayling fishing and there's usually some good banter. This was from my last visit.
  17. Sunrider

    Poacher watch

    Our small stretch of chalk stream suffers from poachers. The fishery really can't sustain this kind of thing. Recently a member moved on 4 guys and I myself have caught a couple of Irish decent who got a bit lippy but left in the end. It's all very clearly marked as private so there's no excuse...
  18. Sunrider

    Avon SKIN SO SOFT midge deterrent

    Intersting to see they're actually marketing as an insect repellant now. I have the old style product in the blue/green container which is just a cosmetic skin oil.
  19. Sunrider

    River Teifi

    I've got a weekend on the Teifi coming up, any advice on flies etc much appreciated. Very much looking forward to it.