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  1. stupike

    Wikie does catfish on the fly

    ma old bro wilkie with a cat on the fly CATFISH RIVER EBRO - YouTube
  2. stupike

    vision ikon waders xxl

    brand new with tags £110 posted GUIDELINE IKON WADERS SIZE XXL RRP £199.00 | eBay best deal a can find cheers stu...
  3. stupike

    key largo fishing

    hi guys a m8 of mine has asked me to find him some information and details of charter boats in the area, i have googled a few but would rather put him on to a charter that gets good feedback from someone who has been, cheers stu
  4. stupike

    pollack on the fly

    a good and interesting article about flyfishing for pollock by alex wilkie (the rook) Pollock on the fly | Angling Active
  5. stupike


    a would like to say a big thank you to the forum, without it a wouldnt have met three absolute gentlemen who have been kind enough to pass on some of their vast knowledge in pike, i have been after a 20lb pike for near enough 15 year and actually gave up fly fishing for 2-3 year and got in to...
  6. stupike

    Rio gold wf3

    bargain for someone RIO GOLD FLY LINE WF3F RRP £54.99 on eBay (end time 25-Feb-10 10:44:51 GMT)
  7. stupike

    wavehopper lifejacket spare parts help!

    hi all after an unfortunate incident of throwing my life jacket underneath my float tube in the back of the car a managed to disarm it!:mad: a purchased what i thought was a rearming kit but turned out to be a spare cannister am after the water sensing cartridge any info on where a get hold of...
  8. stupike

    wanted broken lochmor z

    after haveing a rummage about in the shed yesterday a came across my lochmor z 10ft for a #7 four piece, had forgot all about it, the second section from the top had snapped off clean as a whistle 6 inch from the joint was wondering if anybody out there has 1 with the top section ect broke, a...
  9. stupike

    wader problems

    hi all am lookin for a new pair of breathables but was wondering if there are such a thing as full bodied ones with short legs as a only take a 29 " legs cheers in advance stuart
  10. stupike

    coyle water

    hi all was thinking of going there tomorrow as it is sheltered anybody been lately? any info would be very welcome, thx in advance