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    We´re going to San Francisco

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    Gen modified salmon

    It’s about time again for people to stop the food industries from genitically modify gens on animals. If we don’t stop this right now the gates could open world wide to do this on other animals. Not even the scientist know what the long time health effects will be. I heard o the radio the other...
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    Within reach...

    In about three weeks Troutpassion goes to California, Trinidy River for some steelhead and salmon fishíng. Of course that is our main "to do" when we´re over there but also for testing a friends product. Its an outfitter company and we are first up for the test week. Check out the blog and...
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    Plan of this year

    Hello folks and happy new year! Next weekend and following weekends me and my friend who runs Troutpassion, will be fishing for seatrout in the city of Stockholm. In february I will be flying to California with three friends for three days in the search of the Trinidy River steelheads. The...
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    We´re going to California

    Check our blog, in february we´re going to California for steelies, wild rainbow and brown trouts
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    Fly fishing in California

    Hi guys! I´m just wondering if anyone is interested is this kind of trip. Probably I´ll be heading over there from Sweden by the end of the summer or a little later. I´m in contact with a man that help us with everything from transfer, food, fishing licens, equipment such as fly rods if you...
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    Fly swap world wide

    Hey boys and girls! I have been thinking of a fly swap world wide. Check this link for more information: Fly swap world wide - Troutpassion Nothing is written in stone so far...
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    Temple dog

    Hi all! I have some good quality temple dog pieces, 2x2 inches. The hair is 6 inches and down. Tell me what length you need and how many pieces. Colors: Black and white Price: 10 GBP
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    Salmon problems

    Does anyone care about what the Norwegian salmon farmers are doing to the enviroment?
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    Does someone know if it's possible to connect a blog at wordpress with this blog at the forum? What I want is when I write a post in my blog, I want it to apear in this blog as well instead of typing the message twise. Tight lines!
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    Mainly I fish for brown trouts but lately I have tried some for salmon. Gosh it´s hard... I live in Sweden, if you have any questions about "the northern" parts, feel free to ask. This seems to be a nice forum.... Burk