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    Or vis Battenkill (older type)

    Lost this reel . Have a spare spool. Very fond of that reel. Am very keen to replace it. The newer type of Battenkill don't fit the spare spool. Anyone got a Battenkill which they want to sell?
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    Whip Knot tool

    After I posted I searched Glasgow Angling. They sell a veniards aka David mcphail and it looks v good so I ordered it. Thank you all for the help. Also I noted a similar thread on this site which appeared a few weeks ago. Awful fishing conditions in NW Ireland at the moment. Good luck.
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    Whip Knot tool

    Can anyone direct me to a good whip knot tool. I had a real good one which I bought with a couple of other things (hackle pliersetc) in a see through plastic box. Think they were made in Checkslovakia and sold in south of England. Bought on line. It was quite firm and the handle let me rotate...
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    Correct Irish Shrimp dressing?

    That's not a Curry's Red Shrimp. Look up EJ Malone's book or Peter O'Reilly's. YON THING THAT WAS POSTED IS A HAIRY MONSTER
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    top 20 traditional wets

    What about a Green Peter
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    Dunkeld Dabbler

    Why would you ever think about going to those parades? They are pure sectarian and surely lead to nothing but violence. Stick to tying flies and enjoy the comfort of fishing on Sheelin or somewhere like that--there will be no sectarianism among true fisher men.
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    Wh smith

    iF YOU LIVE IN N.iRELAND YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND THE LOGIC. I appreciate that many gun lovers are good people but I believe some magazines in the hands of the impressionable can ignite latent aggression and encourage the illegal obtaining of weapons.
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    Is it possible to start air layering now or should I wait until the spring? Winetrs around hers are variable but can be quite cold in January and February.
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    Darwin many thanks indeed. That may well be the way to go. Never thought of youtube. I saw a few oak today in a new location and felt that acorns were just beginning to form. However taking no chances and will start tomorrow to air layer a young tree I planted about 4 years ago. Its in a...
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    Anjisan have no idea what air layering means. How can it help me get a few acorns? Robido stated exactly my experience too. No conkers, vegetable growth in the garden has been awful. It's only now that the leeks are picking up. I noticed on RTE Television that the Tree council of Ireland...
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    I have a chestnut tree growing already--about 20 feet high been there about 15 years so the ground is ok. Have a couple of sycamore as well all from the seeds. They really do encourage the birds last year here in Belfast we had 2 Jay really quite unysual for spotting in a city though we live...
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    I usually give them to friends and neighbours when they are2 years old. The remainder I plant in our garden in Donegal which is about 1/6 acre. There is an estate near us known as Oakfield. The previous owners travelled extensively and collected a huge variety of acorns such that there are...
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    A bit of a hobby of mine is growing a few Oak Trees. The only problem I am facing now is that the usual places where I pick up a few Acorns have none and I dont see any on the trees. Am I too early looking for them or are they in short supply this year? If anyone would esily find about a dozen...
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    The Coyle at Downpatrick.

    It's spelt Quoile. Sea trout run in at it's mouth. Used to have some nice brown trout but dont know anything more
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    Goat's toe/ peacock feathers??

    What about a wee walk around the zoo. Spot the peacocks and you might be surprised. Equally have a word with the keepers.
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    Fishing In Bundoran Ireland

    GO UP TO laureen, 2 miles from Bundoran on the Kinlough -Ballyshannon Road. It is at the mouth of the Drowes and at the end of Melvin. Bill Likely or Shane Galagher the owner will fix you up with permits for the Drowes, Duff Eske and somewhere else (forgotten) and hire you a boat and engine...
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    This years May

    I used that tying on Arrow many years ago and it allways did well. I believe it is a far better tying than the Arrow mayflies you see tied in books. Funny enough it never does me any good on Melvin even though over the years Arrow mayfly were released on Melvin and that accounts for the...
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    Connaught Cup Lough Melvin June 24th

    The Denis McSharry Memorial competition is to be held on Melvin on the 23rd ie the Saturday before the Connaught Championship. Good idea to bring your own boat if possible. Jim Connolly at Rossinver will help with entries or Pauric McDermott at Belcoo (04866386617) . Entry fee very reasonable
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    Flies for Lough Inagh

    Many moons ago was down in that part of the world. Was at the side of a "lake " when a guy appeared. I asked him were there fish in that lake and he assured me there were. I asked "how do you catch them" Reply "Buck a stick of gelignite into the lake". He actually had worked in the then...
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    C&C on a Lough Arrow-style Green Drake

    Hugh havent had time to confirm the dressing but for help I hope, use a long shank hook (mayflies on Arrow are big), brush back with your fingers those partridge feathers and tie the French Partridge in by the tip--one to two turns of it are quite enough. Use 70 utc in an olive green shade and...