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  1. tupps

    Where do YOU sit in the circle ????

    Circle Method ??? Is that fishing or snatching / foul hooking ??? I cannot decide !
  2. tupps

    Lancsy Lads Bury the Opposition

    Y'all l'be 'avin' t' call some of 'em SIR from now on. Ingefatable proof that Lancashire contains the finest fly anglers in the land !!!!!
  3. tupps

    Nice Price Vice !!!!!!

    £1300 and rising ........ cannot see it mi'self !!!!!!:confused::confused: Ari t Hart ATH FlyTying Vise...... RARE | eBay
  4. tupps

    J Vice Midge Jaws WANTED

    anyone ?????? Thanks for looking :thumbs: regards Tupps
  5. tupps

    Applying Water Shed .........

    I've just treated myself to a bottle .......... my goodness it's a small one !! I know it's a pre treatment but ..........................................I was wondering the the best way to apply it ? I don't want to waste such a small bottle.
  6. tupps

    Did we realise that it was illegal to .......

    fish at all for Shad and Twaite in the UK !!!!!!! ?????????
  7. tupps

    Cinch Knot Tyer Instructions ???????

    Cinch Knot Tyer I recently bought one of these in a tackle bag job lot at an auction. I have scoured the net and drawn a blank looking for a coupy of the instruction manual/DVD that comes with this tool. My first question is does anyone use one of these and how do they find it ?? Can anyone...
  8. tupps

    Reel Spool ID Please

    Reel Spool ID Please It's wide arbour ....... 6/7
  9. tupps

    Little wax tip ....

    I read frequently that newcomers to tying are stuggling to dub. Wax is the key but many never really never learn its virtues because they struggle on with a huge lump of wax that is impossible warm to its working consistency to help tying and dubbing. Safely ( I also add a teaspoon of Castor...
  10. tupps

    Where will WE stand ......... When ????

    with advances in nano technology and 3D Printer DLP Printing with UV resin in the home just around corner. How will we be constructing and fishing our flies in 5 years time. The reality is here ......... almost ! Knocking off a clump of identical and true to life size 26 Reed Smuts will be a...
  11. tupps

    Thermals and Ski Socks in Lidl

    Fill your boots. Excellent quality and price !:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  12. tupps

    How the Jeffin' John ..........

    did we miss this !:confused: Fishing as an Artform (FUNNIEST FISHING VIDEO ON YOUTUBE) - YouTube The Lancsy Lads have been HACKED !!!
  13. tupps

    Bird ID please .....

  14. tupps

    Tiemco 103 BLs. Snapping ????????

    For years I have had nothing but good things to say about Tiemco hooks. However I recently bought half a dozen boxes of Tiemco 103BLs and found them to be brittle and in fact had 5 break on me on fish takes this last weekend. Has anyone else used this pattern ?? Have I just been unlucky with...
  15. tupps

    New bug in town ......

    saw a slim beetle yesterday which was a new one on me. Inch long, dark brown with tan band in the middle. On closer inspection some of them had peacock bluey green a7ses. I had one in captivity to photograph but it slipped the net. Any ideas ?????
  16. tupps

    Identifying Fluorocarbon line ?????

    How can one tell whether a piece of line is fluorocarbon from mono or even co polymer? I have been given a method but just though I would see what other people used to see if it's a reliable one. TIA
  17. tupps

    Ladybower Open Weekend ....... has anybody ????

    Has anybody seen any details posted about the Ladybower Open Weekend yet ??? I think I have got the dates wrong and DO NOT want to miss it ! Thanks in advance :thumbs::thumbs:
  18. tupps

    A handy phrase ......

    " Spierdalaj theif ryb " :thumbs::D
  19. tupps

    Dying Mono and Fluorocarbon Line ??????

    has anyone had any experience at dying line ????? I am after dying some15lb fluorocarbon Hot Orange for Tenkara leaders. TIA :thumbs:
  20. tupps

    Anyone else see the METEOR ?????

    or was it me ????? ....... Am I the CHOSEN one ?????