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    Which stocking foot wader & boot combo?

    I am looking for your thoughts and advice on the best of the two wader & boot combos: Guideline Laxa sidewinder with felt sole boot or, Snowbee prestige st with combi sole boot Looking for thoughts on quality and serviceability as opposed to price. River fly fishing, rivers Wharfe ( upper,)...
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    Which salmon sea trout rod for relative newbie

    I am aiming to try salmon sea trout fishing this coming season, I am overwhelmed by the seemingly endless choices of fly rod. My target river is the wear ( hopefully around Bishop Aucklnd) my singlehanded casting is acceptable but by no means perfect so I need something which is forgiving if I...
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    Can anybody recommend a bobbin holder for Pearsall's gossamer Thread

    Can anybody recommend a bobbin holder for Pearsall's gossamer Threads, I intend to buy one or two small holders specifically for holding bobbins of pearsalls Gossamer threads to tie soft hackle flies (spiders) and would welcome first hand advice, I have been using standard size veniard bobbin...
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    Hello - Mark from York

    Hello I am a dry fly fisherman of a couple of years, I live between York and Wetherby. my fishing fits in around my family etc. I have been dry fly fishing for a couple of years mainly at Maran lakes / marston wise my local small Stillwater which is only five minutes from home. I have had a few...