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  1. peal man

    Orvis Battenkill V large arbor reel

    Looking for a spare spool for the above.
  2. peal man

    Neoprene waders or breathables?

    Waist waders the way to go. Have a pair of each, breathable. plus neoprene. Didn`t cost the earth, (Leeda Profil/ Hardware). Would never wade deeper than thigh high, mainly because i can`t swim!
  3. peal man

    new fly line

    Greys Platinum, or Snowbee. Reasonable prices and wold buy again.
  4. peal man

    Visiting from Vancouver

    You`re over here, i`d love to be over there!
  5. peal man

    Visiting from Vancouver

    You`re over here, i`d love to be over there!
  6. peal man

    Tour de France 2021r

    Love the tour, never miss the highlights. Went to see it years ago in London. Fearless fit guys, at the limit of physical endurance. You don`t see them rolling in agony with a knee graze, as per the fairy boy footballers.
  7. peal man

    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    I own Hardy, Orvis and Sharpes rods / reels, but can honestly say when i started in my early days of angling, i used Shakespeare and KP Morritt (bfr) , capable of doing exactly the same thing. Yes casting distance improved with the more expensive tackle, but comparing prices, i still rate...
  8. peal man

    New line

    Appreciate all responses, thanks.
  9. peal man

    New line

    Always ended up with some form of tangle when trying to put a new line on straight from the box. Any tried and tested ways to avoid this, and possibly iron out coils?
  10. peal man

    If you poached your local water what would happen?

    Fishing a local reservoir a couple of seasons ago, i was approached by a bailiff, the first time ever in fact. He was also fishing, showed him my permissions, and promptly asked for his. Took him a while to produce them, and said it`s the first time he`d been asked. I replied, snap!
  11. peal man

    Canvas bag, Chest pack or sling pack?

    Keep it simple to start with, a large over shoulder bag for food , tackle, etc. Net on a lanyard. Some of these waistcoat , multi pocket things worn , look almost commando like, hilarious.
  12. peal man

    Split-Cane rods;

    Cracking fish caught on a cracking "old school" outfit. Nice one.
  13. peal man

    Breathable Waders

    Bought my first pair of waist waders a few months back, Leeda Profil. So far can`t fault them for the money. Paired with Profil shoes, seem perfect for reservoir fishing. Time will tell, but at the price paid, no worries.
  14. peal man

    Orvis rod info

    Orvis Power Matrix 10 7ft 2ins 4# small stream rod. Any idea of age, and reviews on this model please. Thanks in advance.
  15. peal man

    Dartmoor Rivers

    Had a wonderful session on Cherry Brook, dry fly fishing. Watch out for midges late summer evenings!
  16. peal man

    Cassette reel advice please

    Had the Greys GTS500, quite large and heavy.I also found spool changing slightly awkward. Ideal for reservoir fishing though, and they can be picked up on auction sites around £45.
  17. peal man

    Reels for your cane and glass rods

    My Hardy Perfect 7ft cane rod matched with a Hardy St.George 3 3/8ths. Love this combination for the smaller streams in my area.
  18. peal man

    Bruce and Walker restoration

    Nice going, looking like your effort was worth it. B & W rods quality.
  19. peal man

    Greys Platinum Extreme Flyline

    I have bought two Greys platinum shoot lines recently, that can be sourced at quite reasonable prices. Found them to cast well enough for me, and more importantly lie nice and straight after casting.
  20. peal man

    Split-Cane rods;

    Love "old school" fishing, use my 7ft cane rod, and old Hardy reel on all my stream fishing. Casting takes a little getting use to with the variation in rod action from carbon, buy enjoyable. Often fancied going back to fiberglass too, and probably will.