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  1. mr_eejit

    Black Star fly rod

    Has anyone bought or used one off the black Star rods from maxcatch, if so are they a good rod, was thinking of buying a #5 weight to go with the Avid 5/6 reel I bought to use at a stocked fishery Black Star rod
  2. mr_eejit

    AVID Micro Adjusting Drag Smooth Machined Fly Reel

    Just ordered a #5/6 Avid Micro adjusting drag smooth machined reel, anyone used one of these and know if there any good, I know I done things backwards by buying first then asking 🙂
  3. mr_eejit

    Your chance to win a law vice

    Davie McPhail posted this for a friend of his on Instagram, his mate is auctioning of his law vice £20 a number 150 numbers to choose from.
  4. mr_eejit

    Loads of beads

    Was walking to the shop and found a bead necklace with gold and coloured beads, brought it home and stripped them of, will be perfect for my small flies and will last me for the rest of my days 😁
  5. mr_eejit

    Parachute dry fly

    Hook: Anrex FW501 dry fly barbless #14 Thread: UTC 70 - black Tail: CDL Body: Stripped peacock quill coated in UV resin Thorax: Peacock herl Wing Post: Antron Hackle: Metz grizzle saddle
  6. mr_eejit


    Hook: Kamasan B175 #10 Thread: UTC 70 black Tail: Golden pheasant crest Body: Scruffys dubbin (fiery brown), red cock hackle Rib: medium oval tinsel (silver) Collar: Hot orange hen hackle & sunburst hen hackle
  7. mr_eejit

    Silver Invicta (needs work)

    Tried tying a few today, these are my 5th and 6th attempt as I forgot to put blue jay on the first 4 😁 there was a lot of f'ing and b*#*@#d words as I can't for the life of me get the wings cut and placed on properly, Ive used up 4 or 5 hen pheasant feathers trying to get it right. Is there any...
  8. mr_eejit

    Gold head midge

    Hook: Kamasan #18 B981 barbless specimen Thread: Semperfli Nano silk 30D (white) Head: 2mm gold bead Body: Stripped peacock eye quill Thorax: Ultra fine ice dub (purple) Sorry about the pics I'm using a phone and the fly is so tiny 😁
  9. mr_eejit

    Bead tray

    Found this in my local poundland store today, it comes in very handy for beads, hooks etc, couldn't resist for £1, size is 17cms as shown in my picture, might be of use for other people if you can find them in your store 🙂👍
  10. mr_eejit

    Looking for some info

    Didn't know where to ask, so putting it here, I've come to London to visit my 14 year old daughter, I want to take her fishing as she's asked a few times, don't even mind if its the grand Union canal, just want to do a bit of maggot/worm fishing if possible, hoping not to spend loads, I'm...
  11. mr_eejit

    Black/silver pennell

    Got my new headband magnifying glasses today, first time in a few years I tied a fly without my big magnifying glass, very happy with them, tied this black Pennell but with a silver body. Just noticed a few wee strays fibers over the eye when I zoomed in 🙂 Hook: Kamasan B175 #12 Thread...
  12. mr_eejit

    Feather identification

    Hello all, I bought these 2 capes about 2 years ago, I'm thinking they are cock capes, but not sure, does anyone know what type they are, colour etc. I'm thinking the bottom one is a badger, but as I say I'm not sure, any help would be appreciated.
  13. mr_eejit

    Jubilee 3 in 1 chair

    Might help or be useful to someone, use code to get it for £11.99 also free click and collect. Code: DMTP240621
  14. mr_eejit

    Substitute for aero wing

    Hello everyone, does anyone know a good substitute to aero wing, I checked online and everyone wants £8 a packet, and that's before postage, seems a bit steep to me for a little packet of it, so any info would be great.
  15. mr_eejit

    High density foam

    Hello all I'm a bit confused, I am looking for some high density foam block or 3mm cylinders, (for suspender buzzers) but I've tried googling and some show it as solid foam and others show it as foam with lots of holes in it, can anyone tell which it is? or a link to the block or cylinders
  16. mr_eejit

    Greys GRX boots size 7

    This is not my eBay account, and I couldn't find a place to post on the eBay forum, but I spotted these on there a few days ago, was gonna bid for them but my new pair of boots came yesterday, I am size 7 in shoes so was gonna risk getting them, changed my mind now as I got a size 8 that feel...
  17. mr_eejit

    Boots question

    I got my first pair of wading boots today, I only ever used waders or wellies, I got the bison MK1 wading boots with studded felt sole, they've turned up and have little metal studs on the bottom that don't come out, but I also got a bag with 10 screw in bolts, might be a stupid question but do...
  18. mr_eejit

    Has anyone used these half waders

    Has anyone used these Half waders i ordered a pair due to come by 1st June, but I bought them from AliExpress and got them cheaper, just wondering how good they are if anyone has a pair, also bought a pair of Bison MK1 wading boots with studded felt sole to go with them, thought I'd treat myself :)
  19. mr_eejit

    Teal black and silver

    Think I need a bit more practice, think the wing needs to lay a bit flatter, but over all I'm happy with my first attempt at them, they will be getting tried out on 20th May, open season on the Burn Dennett river Hook: B175 #12 Thread: UTC 70 black Tail: Dyed orange golden pheasant tippet Body...
  20. mr_eejit

    Desk Lamp might be useful for some

    Came across this lamp on Amazon it might help someone whos looking for one if you use this code: V3ANTG6U and click standard free delivery you can get it for £14.99 Hope it helps someone.