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  1. BlueOne

    Danube salmon and DH bamboo rod

    Had this in mind for some time and this season i have done it, fishing for danube salmon (hucho) with doublehanded bamboo rod. About the rod used: YouTube And some action (9.33): YouTube BlueOne
  2. BlueOne

    Carps right after the ice is gone

    This little wateer always works great right after the ice is gone. So with trout still in the closed season i had some fun. YouTube
  3. BlueOne

    Boo and silk for hucho/pike

    Just some preparations… YouTube
  4. BlueOne

    Hucho under the main powerplant

  5. BlueOne

    Why C&R is eendangering fishing-case of hucho

    A video about huge hucho cought and why mandatory C&R is endangering an acceptability of fishing in Slovenia. Many anglers in Slovenia are not aware that there is a growing sentiment against anglers, also among people, who can really influence fishing and fishing rules. YouTube
  6. BlueOne

    Big hucho in the middle of the city

    Ok, i admit i am a bit lucky to live here :) YouTube
  7. BlueOne

    Chopped flyrods

    I posted this somewhere else, but perheaps it will be usefull for somebody here as well. Basically a chopped down rods for specific purposes when you can not get something you need from the industry. Flyrods, telescopic rods, carp...all into flyrods. YouTube
  8. BlueOne

    Simple streamer for begginers

    Perheaps somebody shall find this usefull. YouTube
  9. BlueOne

    Flyfishing for hucho

    Fishing in the evening. YouTube
  10. BlueOne

    First day of a hucho season

    After many seasons of more or less exclusively flyfishing for hucho, i have decided to start the season with a spinning rod and not a flyrod. YouTube
  11. BlueOne

    Things we do... find a new good spot. Well haven`t done something silly in a long time so i did this: YouTube Although it is still better than the time i got hooked/saved by the broken branch of fallen down spruce which saved me from falling into a canyon :D
  12. BlueOne

    Recognising an old stocked rainbow

    This fish was not caught while flyfishing, but as i often see foreign and domestic anglers confusing old stockies for wild fish, it shall perhaps be useful for some. It was just a quick overview, not all signs are listed, sometimes you have less than those, sometimes you have great looking...
  13. BlueOne

    Free lining for carp

    I repaired one light spinning rod and had to test it, so did a bit of freelining for carps to put it through its paces. YouTube
  14. BlueOne

    Carps and a little tench on a 69cm long flyrod

    Testing a tiny little rod i made some time ago. It was fun:) YouTube BlueOne
  15. BlueOne

    Barbel on a fly

    I was just wondering, how many of you fish for a barbel with a flyrod. Here are two videos of me having fun with them on a nymph and streamer. Any fellow anglers who also enjoy fishing for them with a flyrod? Nymph YouTube YouTube BlueOne
  16. BlueOne

    Carp and tench fun in Slovenia

    A few photos from a small local pond, it has carp (all sorts, including koi) and tench, spawning is so succesfull we don`t stock anymore. Tried with natural food at first, but due to large amounts of bread thrown into water, i had to admit, that using flies that mimic bread in different stages...
  17. BlueOne

    Should wild waters be marked as such

    There was a lot of debate on this forum about wild vs. stocked fishing, challenges of one or another etc. Of course all anglers in theory are after wild fish at least if they are in places that can provide such fishing. However, fishing a truly wild water is not as fishing a stocked water, which...
  18. BlueOne

    3 brownies with one cast...

    ...2 of them inside the 3rd one:) As you know, brownies are canibals, this 48cm fish had one 18cm brownie (visible on the photo) inside, plus one approx. 10cm brownie, plus some other unidentified fish remains. I guess it was hungry:)
  19. BlueOne

    Mullarkeys -, Veals and KP spares big +

    On november 8th i ordered a Shakespeare Odyssey Salmon Fly Rod 13ft 9/10 through mullarkeys web site, paid by credit card. A few days later i decided that 10/11 would serve me better, so i called them on november 12th and had a pleasent conversation with one of their ladies which later sent me...
  20. BlueOne

    Spare rod section-Shakespeare?

    I am looking for a spare section of Shakespeare Odyssey salmon rod 15`, 10/11, 3rd section from bottom up. Any ideas which shop could help?