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  1. speytime

    Would you pay a annual subscription atm

    I've received a email from the club for this years subscription fee... I'm thinking are you kidding, idk what is going to happen this year and neither does anyone else, I'm not remotely interested in paying £400 fee then being stuck in the house due to a lock down again. The AGM has been...
  2. speytime

    Boat seat/seats

    It's not a convenient time for collection but I'd rather offer it to forum members before putting it on ebay. swivel bucket seat attached to a lureflash frame The original seat for the lureflash is included it can easily be swapped to make the seat into a non swivel over the gunnels type...
  3. speytime

    No3 of the season

    I was out yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks, a dodgy hip is making the trip to and from the river difficult, I completely missed the last spate through it 😢 The river was at a nice height yesterday so I was determined to get out and payed off nicely. Al
  4. speytime

    Net marks on salmon origin?

    I think it's net marks I'm seeing on salmon caught in the river, dark scores on the sides of fish isn't unusual at all with grilse. I'm wondering if there caused by nets of all sorts from individuals or if there's a particular offender like drift nets or whatever? Thanks Al
  5. speytime

    What's the reel part called?

    I'm trying to find the name of the wire star shaped clip that holds the left/right hand wind bearing in place? I thought a circlip but nope wrong type and I can't find the reel type? My one sprung out while putting it back in, I heard it hit the heat seamer behind me but I can't find it. Cheers Al
  6. speytime

    Snowbee Geo 790 wanted

    Just wondering does anyone has a Snowbee Geo 790 cassette reel gathering dust? I'll take it off your hands. Al
  7. speytime

    SEPA and sewage similar in nature.

    I'm absolutely frigging fuming, the river was polluted with the water treatment plant that's on the river bank back march. When I arived at the river Wed/Thurs I could smell raw sewage, when I got to one of the outlets it had a stream of grey stinking water coming out and another major outlet...
  8. speytime

    Studded Or Plain Felt For Freestone Rocky Rivers

    Do you find studding your boots help on freestone rivers or rock? I've found on rock and boulder you have less grip, the studs hold the felt off the surface so in a sense your only grip is the surface area of the studs which in my case would only be the points? But needless to say without studs...
  9. speytime

    Which for rod £150

    A friend of mine is looking for a new rod, he has an old airflo something? and he's looking to replace it with something new, I'm not in a position to advise him on rods so I said I'd ask the forum for recommendations? It's for stillwater 9.6ft 6# a budget of £130/50 max. I want to try and put...
  10. speytime

    Anyone fished the Till recently?

    I'm wondering if anyone has fished the Till this year and if there's been any sea trout getting caught? If you prefer to pm me I can understand that. I'm thinking about a night on Wednesday? Cheers Al
  11. speytime

    Is waders colouring normal?

    My local burns are very peaty and I fish the river mostly after a spate is that was causing my waders to colour down the seams around the top the gators, I've never had waders for 3 years constant before changing them and they've been darker in colour so I might not have noticed it? Is just...
  12. speytime

    Red and black beatle?

    I had a great day on the river landed 8/9 fish between 3/4lb/1lb and lost an absolute belter, I'm still deflated about it, however the minute or so I had with it was fantastic, i lost one other decent (heart in the mouth 😁) fish but not quite in the same class. Anyways while I was just...
  13. speytime

    Anyone dealt with serious fishing

    I'm wondering how others found them to deal with? Cheers Al
  14. speytime

    What flies are catching just now?

    I've got a boat booked for this afternoon/evening, I'm wondering what flies are catching fish just now. Thanks Al
  15. speytime

    Does anyone use silk furled leaders?

    I seen these on ebay I'm wondering if they are worth buy over a thread type furlie?
  16. speytime

    Replacement bearings for spools?

    Does anyone know anything about bearing sizes for reels, are they stock sizes or particular to different reels. I've got a reel with a lumpy bearing and it really irritates me. Is it a simple case of measuring the outside diameter and internal diameter and buying them or will I need to go...
  17. speytime

    Double haul in windy conditions?

    I've noticed with a stiff breeze behind me it kills the line straightening out on the back cast, also the line doesn't pull/lift/zip to feed the line into the back cast, can i combat this in any way? Thanks Al
  18. speytime

    What on earth has happened to the search facility?

    I done a search there for the "still fishing" thread, I got to page 3 with loads of titles that had absolutely nothing in the titles words regarding still fishing, try it and see the tripe it comes up with, it literally a waste of time using it, what's happened? Al
  19. speytime

    Boris Johnston positive for covid19

    Apparently Boris Johnston has tested positive for the corona virus 😯 Al
  20. speytime

    Aladdin Challenger flask...

    I'm trying to find an Aladdin challenger 1ltr flask but everywhere is out of stock. Does anyone know where they are available, i remember someone posting a link for one a couple of months ago, typically I can't find it now? Thanks Al