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  1. wye_wizard

    River Whitewater 2018

    Welcome to the 2018 Whitewater thread, please post your reports and photos. Looking forward to seeing you all on the bank. There are a few rods available this season, if anyone is interested in some great value river fishing on the Hampshire/Berkshire border on Hampshire's most northerly chalk...
  2. wye_wizard

    Whitewater 2017

    Well it's here again, good luck to all members old and new. Have a great season. Jon.
  3. wye_wizard

    Orvis HMH vice and C&F tools

    as above as new £150 plus 10 postage. unable to upload photos so pm me your number and I will WhatsApp them over.
  4. wye_wizard

    River Whitewater 2016.

    Welcome one and all to the new Whitewater 2016 page. A few weeks to go and weather permiting, who will be fishing on the first day?
  5. wye_wizard

    River Whitewater 2015.

    Well the new season is upon us. Thanks to all that attended the work parties, your help is appreciated. The river looked great on Thursday as i wandered down to the S bend from the Hatchgate. Good luck this season and i look forward to seeing you all on the river. Jon.
  6. wye_wizard

    reducing blank length?

    In 2012 i was lucky enough to be part of the "yank bulk rod buy" i bought a 6ft 6 2-3 wt AND havdnt had the tome to build it yet. I am now going to have a go. My question is can i cut the blank down to 5ft. I have rods around the 6 to 7 ft mark and i am looking for a shorter rod so would prefer...
  7. wye_wizard

    5FT 3wt wanted

    as above looking to buy without importing from the US. thanks Jon.
  8. wye_wizard

    Whitewater 2014

    Please use this thread for the 2014 season. Thanks Jon.:thumbs:
  9. wye_wizard

    ORVIS HMH Vice for sale

    FINAL REDUCTION BEFORE IT GETS PUT AWAY........£100 POSTED (STANDARD DELIVERY NOT SPECIAL DELIVERY)Due to the sale falling through last time. back up for sale at the reduced price of £100 posted. custom base, professionally warm touch powder coated.
  10. wye_wizard

    Sage 2540 reel

    As the title complete with top quality line dont remember what it was but i dont buy rubbish:o, it will be mastery or rio i think. Very lightly used just one tiny chip on it that i can see.Moving on a few bits over the next few days. This is the start of a mass clear out. Stuff just sitting...
  11. wye_wizard

    ORVIS HMH Vice for sale

    great condition 3 little mark on cam lever shown in pic, with custom base professionally powder coated. looking for SOLD
  12. wye_wizard

    you know that moment......

    ...... when a fish takes your dry fly and you are not expecting it? then you get a BIG fright. then watch this! Video: Kayak fisherman forced to share catch with giant shark | The Sun |News
  13. wye_wizard

    small stream outfit

    lefty kreh TFO signature series 1 6FT 2WT complete with an SKB click stop reel. Loaded with half a DT 2wt line. cant for the life of me remember what it is but it wont be bad;) even has a Mr Trout furled leader. All as new apart from slight discolouration on cork...
  14. wye_wizard


    The River Keeper R.H Pease. £12 POSTED Muriel Foster Days on Sea, Loch and River 1st Edition 1979 £12 POSTED As above but a re-edition from 1996 boxed in absolute mint condition with leaflet about Muriel Foster. A beautiful read. £15 posted.
  15. wye_wizard

    Metz Hen Neck

  16. wye_wizard

    Brodin landing nets

    Brodin trout as new SOLD
  17. wye_wizard

    Whiting pro grade dry fly cape

  18. wye_wizard

    Whiting pro grade dry fly cape

  19. wye_wizard

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3K

    For Sale camera as stated above, cost £400 new 3 months ago looking for £300 ono. in absolute new condition complete in original box with all manuals,discs and supplied leads. can email pics if required but easy to find online. good evening, Jon.
  20. wye_wizard

    The River Whitewater 2012

    Well the time is nearly upon us and due to the hard work of the members attending the work parties during the closed season, the river looks very tidy so thank you to all that joined us. Now all we need now is a bit of rain. SO....... welcome to the 2012 Whitewater thread. I look forward to...