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    Reflections on the Loch - an experts take

    The prospect of a week convalescing necessitated the purchasing of a lengthy book. Based on my previous book purchases Amazon recommended 'Reflections on the Loch' by Stan Headley. I've already got the Loch fishers Bible which I found quite good and would recommend. The down side to Refections...
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    Guess the weight

    Winner gets a free Maxcatch Eco line with a loop cut off 😊
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    MAXCATCH Vs Cortland

    I know not a fair comparison but here's my tupence. For a while i've been threating a new floater until i saw the cost of new lines 😳 MAXCATCH seems to be heavily promoted and received a few good reviews, so i bought one off Amazon for a tenner. Out off the box i pretty much got what i...
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    hardy GM bougle

    Bagged a Bougle GM 1939 4/5 from USA. Bonny reel. Any UK dealers on here will to do a deal on the other two models ?
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    Fake line ?

    I bought what was suppose to be a Greys Stealth intermediate line of eBay last October. I've just taken it our of the box and it's pale blue in colour. Does this sound right ? I thought it was going to be two tone ?
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    Hardy Zenith 9' #6

    I bought a new 9' #6 rod because I bought a reel by mistake and got sent the wrong size in error. The reel, a Hardy ASR, was meant to be a 7 weight but turned out to be a 5 weight which I bid on out of boredom rather than expectation. A good excuse for me to get a dedicated dry flea rod. I was...
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    Hardy website ?

    I just bought a Hardy Zenith and I'm trying to register it on hardys uk site. I doesn't look anything like the USA site and when I click on the hardy link it come up with connection failed ? Anyone else getting this ?
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    eBay seller any info ?

    I'm looking to buy a Hardy Demon , I see a seller on eBay is selling all sizes in new condition. They have no business info so it looks like a private seller. So my question is where would a private seller get so many new rods and if I bought one would hardy validate the warranty.
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    Hardy demon reel seat ?

    Does anyone know if the Hardy demon sintix 10' were made with hardwood reel seats ? I thought hardwood reel seats were only on Demons up to 9'.
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    hardy Bougle mkv info please

    Hi folks Does anyone have info on the hardy Bougle mkv with a bronze frame ? I have a mkv with the green frame but seems they made one with a bronze frame.