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  1. benjamin_bizzell

    iPad Wanted

    Missed those two recent ipad sales - if anyone is selling an iPad, please drop me a line. Many thanks Benjamin
  2. benjamin_bizzell

    Hardy Zephrus All Water Fly Rod 10' 8#

    Interested in the Hoover line. does it suck fish up from the bottom?
  3. benjamin_bizzell

    September 2016 Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    . . . . . 'Scratch' tries out his new identity on the Forum....
  4. benjamin_bizzell

    August 2016 Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    . . . .The UK Diving Team arrive at Rio to show off their Half-Pike , Tucked in a Mussel Layout.
  5. benjamin_bizzell

    9ft 8wt Saltwater Rods

    The SKB 9' #8's are good rods. Highly recommended. If one of those does not stoke your fire, I am selling a 9' #8 Abel rod :whistle: Benjamin
  6. benjamin_bizzell

    Rio WF8 InTouch Camolux Intermediate

    Drew's service is excellent and these lines are very much in as new condition. very impressed with the two I bagged from him last week and they arrived the next day! Benjamin.
  7. benjamin_bizzell

    Rio WF8 In Touch lines

    I will have them, thank you. PM sent. Benjamin
  8. benjamin_bizzell

    Fluorocarbon Tippet

    Totally agree with you on the premium fluorocarbon front. It is very costly but worth it for those extra bites and confidence. Interestingly enough, when I was engaging with ASSO back in the days when I had SKD, I spent a fair bit of time talking to them. Some of the discussion centred...
  9. benjamin_bizzell

    Fluorocarbon Tippet

    I have always wondered about degreasing fluoro and have my concerns in doing so. Using degreasing 'mud' would surely dull the line by the way of the abrasive nature of the product - in my mind, this would scratch and scrape the line and thus make it more visible. Anyone have thoughts on this...
  10. benjamin_bizzell

    Fluorocarbon Tippet

    One of the 'issues' with Fluorocarbon is that it often has less 'stretch' than standard nylon (if you will kindly forgive me using this catch-all term) Whilst it does stretch, I don't find it has similar elasticity to nylon. With modern fly lines having less stretch for greater casting...
  11. benjamin_bizzell

    Fluorocarbon Tippet

    Col is correct. Monofilament, by its very name, may be applied to any fishing line of a single strand! People often talk about the two main types used in fly fishing which is copoly and fluorocarbon. But they are both monofilament. Aside from fluoro sinking faster, it is also more abrasive...
  12. benjamin_bizzell

    Guide prices??

    several years ago, when on honeymoon in Mauritius, we paid around £500 for a 6hr day on a big sportfisher going after Marlin etc. This was all inclusive. So, all depends what he is offering to you and for how long.
  13. benjamin_bizzell

    July 2016 Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    The venue said 'bone fish stalking on the flats'...............
  14. benjamin_bizzell

    Drogue ropes

    I replace mine with thicker coloured ropes - B&Q and their ilk sell them by the meter. I also use two different coloured ropes as you can see and untangle them better if you ever end up in a pickle. You can only motor with your drogue out if you are running it from two fixed points (bow and...
  15. benjamin_bizzell

    Grafham TEFF Eliminator

    A lot of stories abounding including some that the Wardens dont even know the exact boundary lines and that the Comp Organisers was caught OOB too!? Who knows what will happen but you can rest assured that the results will forever be argues about, some will be happy and others angry at the...
  16. benjamin_bizzell

    Fishing bags/ storage

    Any 'bag' you get is going to get covered in mud and fabrics, by their very nature, are hard to clean. A vinyl bag would be easier but these are few and far between in fishing bags unless you look at Penn or a bag from something like diving or offshore yacht racing such as Musto or Mares. The...
  17. benjamin_bizzell

    Face Mask

    You could have at least got Chris's missus to model those - far more pleasant on our tender mice pies.
  18. benjamin_bizzell

    Cost of rods

    The OP's Harrison rod is hand-rolled in the UK and thus is not going to attract the costs associated with a brand-dealer (such as Pure Fishing) or the costs of shipping and import duty to the UK of, say, a Sage rod. I have a Harrison Lohric rod - unbelievable thing and built for me by Stan at...
  19. benjamin_bizzell

    Polarised wrap around glasses.

    Cocoons seem to be highly regarded. Bought my Mum a pair and she loves them when driving and game viewing in SA (as you do:cool:) B.