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  1. buzzerfan

    Trut stalker

    Thank you Iain, it’s been a pretty difficult last year if I’m honest. Ma in law has had a catastrophic stroke and now requires 24 hour care much of which has been by us. We’ve now live in care organised but are wondering how we’ll manage to maintain it financially. I’m incredibly sorry if I’ve...
  2. buzzerfan

    Ross Evolution (original or the LT) size 1

    If anyone has a black one tucked away somewhere that they would be happy to part with, please be kind enough to PM me. Thank you, Andrew
  3. buzzerfan

    Super Bug (Nothing to do with Covid-19)

    I’m no longer a regular visitor here so had not seen this I’m afraid. Reports of my ceasing to produce dubbing are a little premature, I am certainly still making it. Yes I’ve had the B&B business to grow and also as a local politician I’ve spent nearly 3 years devoting a huge amount of time and...
  4. buzzerfan

    Favourite rod?

    The Epic 476 is my favourite rod too, I've been fishing it 3 or 4 seasons now and seldom pick up anything else. We'll see how it copes with these fabled Farmoor fish shortly, but locally it's handled fish up to 10 1/2 lb with no problems. I'm currently having another one built on the new US...
  5. buzzerfan

    Andrews Scruffy Dubbing

    Will be by close of play tomorrow.
  6. buzzerfan

    Andrews Scruffy Dubbing

    You’re more than welcome Adrian, I’m delighted you’re pleased with it! ‘Tight lines’, Andrew - - - Updated - - - You’re more than welcome Adrian, I’m delighted you’re pleased with it! ‘Tight lines’, Andrew
  7. buzzerfan

    Scruffy buzzer

    By high in the water I tend to mean just subsurface, these are after all meant to represent a pupa that is not far off emerging. The picture below is the version I fish now, 'klink and dink' or singly with that NZ indicator wool so I can adjust depth. I either drift across the wind, or with a...
  8. buzzerfan

    Ross Vexsis 2 (4-6wt lines)

    Reel is now sold, thank you.
  9. buzzerfan

    Buzzer ideas

    Try some scruffy ones... these catch plenty. Can be tied slimmer, but mine have evolved to this sort of thing when I tie them nowadays. Could be buzzers or all sorts of other things, fish certainly think they're food. Substitute some breathers for the bead if you want lightweights (or don't...
  10. buzzerfan

    Bauer Rogue 1

    For sale a Bauer Rogue 1 reel SOLD
  11. buzzerfan

    Wychwood Wader Bag

    I’d hang onto it S, they’re quite a handy bit of kit. Got mine here... Wychwood Game Fishing Bag Series Roller Boatman Bankman Wader Rucksack | eBay cheapest I could find at the time.
  12. buzzerfan

    Knee pads...recommendations please.

    Some good suggestions, thank you. Those bike ones look great, but I wonder how they’d do being pulled up over trousers? They are also more than double the price of the ones I’ve bought. I think I’ll try the neoprene/foam behind the strap idea to kick off with and see if that sorts the problem...
  13. buzzerfan

    Knee pads...recommendations please.

    When bank fishing on stillwater I spend most of my time on my knees, and do a lot of ‘knee walking’ when I’m ‘stalking’ fish, particularly when fishing the evening rise. I got fed up with wearing through trousers at the knee so bought some of these... NoCry Professional Knee Pads with Heavy...
  14. buzzerfan

    Epic Glass Fly Rod #4

    My favourite rod for nigh on all my fishing. I sometimes use an Epic 376 on small streams, but for everything else including all my Stillwater fishing, this is the one I pick up. Cast it with a Barrio SLX #4 and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Fun with small fish but it can handle big fish...
  15. buzzerfan

    Andrews Scruffy Dubbing

    As I've just seen this I'll mention one...:whistle: 'Scruffy Buzzer' is used by plenty for various upwings as well as nymphs... Scottish friends of mine catch plenty of very good fish on the Don and Deveron with their versions of these...
  16. buzzerfan

    cheap hooks

    Interesting, which ones? I have some Scottish friends who swear by the Daiichi (D900), they catch some very large fish with them on the Don and Deveron. Andrew
  17. buzzerfan

    Looking for Wapsi Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing in black

    Yes Danny, it was you who put me onto Bogdan,:thumbs: I still buy a lot from there, together with Rich. But they tend to be the black beads and some copper. I like the really small sizes and I like buying by the 100, they don’t take very long to rattle through when you’re tying for friends and...
  18. buzzerfan

    Taper or not to Taper

    Both look good matey, but I prefer the tapered body. I taper nigh on all my flies. Andrew
  19. buzzerfan

    Rod and reel balance

    It probably makes bu@@er all difference when casting, in fact some advocate casting without a reel attached... but when holding the rod or carrying, it's much nicer not to have the tip drooping down into the water or grass without consciously having to hold it up...IMHO. When it's 'balanced' in...
  20. buzzerfan

    split cane bucket list

    I bought a David Norwich cane spirit 7’6 #4/5 last year, this year I’ve bought an Ian D Martin 7’ #4 and from the States a Bob Lancaster ‘Falling Springs’ 7’6 #4/5 (his take on a PHY Perfectionist)... intending to fish those exclusively on river and lake this year too. I’m finding boo quite...