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  1. peal man

    Orvis Battenkill V large arbor reel

    Looking for a spare spool for the above.
  2. peal man

    New line

    Always ended up with some form of tangle when trying to put a new line on straight from the box. Any tried and tested ways to avoid this, and possibly iron out coils?
  3. peal man

    Orvis rod info

    Orvis Power Matrix 10 7ft 2ins 4# small stream rod. Any idea of age, and reviews on this model please. Thanks in advance.
  4. peal man

    Stream / brook rod

    Looking to buy a used 3-4# weight fly rod. Using on small streams, ideally 6-7ft. Any reviews or possibly any for sale welcomed.
  5. peal man


    Looking for an Orvis mid or wide arbour fly reel. 5-7# must be in vgc. thanks.
  6. peal man

    Fly lines and reels

    Anybody recommended very buoyant and memory free fly lines , also looking to buy lightweight cassette style fly reel, suitable for reservoir wf7 line., again any recommendations. Thanking you.