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  1. jada0406

    Has anyone seen, or heard of, any salmon spawning activity on the Cumbrian Eden system?.

    I would be very grateful for any information regarding salmon activity on the Eden or its tributaries; particularly on either the Upper Lowther or Upper Eamont, as these waters are the main breeding area for the once-famous spring salmon runs. JadaTC
  2. jada0406

    Salmon spawning on Cumbrian Eden

    Has anyone seen or heard of any activity on the Eden or its tributaries? Thanks in advance for any replies. jadaTC
  3. jada0406

    Help, I am confused

    I am having difficulty in accessing FFF, as the system does not recognise my e-mail address, which is still:-- Also, It appears that someone called Guest 21 is responsible for the series of articles on reading the water -''Reading Rivers,Tracing Trout'', which I submitted in 2009. Someone...
  4. jada0406

    Who is pretending to be me?

    I have had great difficulty in logging in to FFF, as the system will not accept my e-mail identity. Even more disturbing is the fact that someone called Guest 21 has 'assumed' that he is the originator of the ''Reading Rivers, Tracing Trout'', which I delivered to FFF in 2009. As a book on...
  5. jada0406

    Shortage of BWOs and MOs

    Hi', All, I am the guest 3 who wrote the introduction to our Entomology section, and I want to thank everyone who has supported it over the years. I want also to say how impressed I am with the amount of knowledge you have so freely provided for those who are new to our sport, and...
  6. jada0406

    The missing upwinged flies

    Hi', All, Has anyone seen either medium olives or blue-winged olives on their rivers this year? If so, in what sort of numbers, and at what times of day? I have yet to make a positive report of seeing medium olives, just possible sightings of airborne flies; and have actually held only one BWO...
  7. jada0406

    Medium olive and /Blue-winged olive duns

    Hi', All, I am trying to find out whether or not the shortage of medium olives and blue-winged olives in my area, northwest /Cumbria, in recent seasons is a local problem. Have any of our contributors seen either species in quantity this season? During my wanderings in the River...
  8. jada0406

    Accessing Fly Fishing Forums home page

    Hi', I used to be able to access the forums by typing ''fly'' in the Google search window, and then clicking on '''' at top of the drop-down list; which lead to a list of headings. Then, clicking on ''Fly Fishing Forums. Fly fishing news, chat, reviews, advice and...''...
  9. jada0406

    For Edenites, and RichardW

  10. jada0406

    For Edenites, and RichardW

    Did a kick-sample on the Petteril today, found 18/20 shrimps. In June 2005, nil;none until late 2008. River getting cleaner all the time. Richard, I said I'd do a comparison of water temperatures to back up the theory re Petteril trout mending more quickly than general Eden system stock. The...
  11. jada0406

    American Signal Crayfish

    I don't know if it is generally known, but I am informed that American signal crayfish have been found in the Eden system. So far, only one river appears to have been affected; but the disturbing news is that the aliens appear to have have been in the river for a considerable time. In view of...
  12. jada0406

    Unknown Terretrial Fly

    Unknown Terrestrial Fly Hi', Recently, I found a written description and a sketch of an unusual fly that I saw last summer. It was a dipteran, about medium sized crane fly in length. The body was a sepia colour, with lighter coloured ribs, and the sketch seems to show two little projections at...
  13. jada0406

    Uploading an image

    Hi', Please excuse me if this is the wrong place to ask about uploading from Photobucket. I chose it because it is one of the busiest, so I am likely to get an answer. I've re-joined Photobucket, but can't remember how I used to upload to FFF. I recall using copy and paste, but can't make it...