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    Euro nymphing set up..

    Hi guys ,what's the best set up for much backing would you need on your reel..

    Nymph rods

    Hi guys looking to buy a nymph rod and reel for grayling fishing ..looking for a light set up ..any recommendations..👍

    Best early season fly for brown trout.

    Hi guys, With the water Temps and weather so cold What fly patterns do you find gives you best chance of success of catching the brown trout in early months.march and April...

    Good to bad fishing ..

    Hi guys.. We have stocked our fishery which is a reservoir .. It's fished great until end of July but now it's became hard to catch the rainbow trout . We have had some heavy rain recently and are wondering if the fish have tried to escape and headed downstream over spillway or headed...

    Damage to rainbow trout .

    Our syndicate water has seen fish with puncture wounds on them. Does anyone know if this is caused by cormorants as we have 2or 3 on our water daily..:omg:

    New kype syndicate.

    Kype Angling Syndicate. Kype angling Syndicate is looking for new members . The water is set in a secluded and peaceful area where you can enjoy the fishing and let the world pass you by. The season starts from 15th March 2020 and runs until 31st October and is stocked with rainbows and blues...

    Danica spare kit.

    Does anyone know where I could get a spare nut for the 6/9 Danica fly reel..I can get the o ring but not the metal nut to tighten up reel.

    Kype angling club

    Kype angling Syndicate Hi guys,we are looking for new members to join our syndicate water at kype reservoir near strathaven.(south Lanarkshire ). Maximum 20 members .. Season starts 15th March.. It's stocked with rainbows and blues.. Their is also a good head of wild brown trout. Kype is...

    river nethan

    Does anyone know if river nethan holds any greyling ..
  10. FISH4FUN

    Kype angling club.

    We are looking for members for Kype angling club on march 2019 ... The club folded 2 years ago but is now up and running again as a syndicate water ..We are only taking in 20 members ,we need around another 5 members ..The membership costs is 350 for first year to get water well stocked for...
  11. FISH4FUN

    Mullet and bass fishing at castlerock n.ireland

    I'm fishing for mullet and bass on the bann ,anyone got any info on flies and what flyline should I use floater or intermediate and when is the best time to fish low or high tide. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  12. FISH4FUN

    Regal fishery

    Does anyone know if the regal fishery is still open.. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4
  13. FISH4FUN

    newmills trout fishery

    Fished newmills trout fishery today on a 4hour c&r ticket today,used to be a very busy fishery but today there were only a handful of anglers fishing.. I eventually managed a couple of fish on a black and green montana.:)
  14. FISH4FUN

    borland fishery

    fished borland this afternoon,bottom pond was frozen solid and half the top pond was frozen :eek:still fishing was good managed 10 fish on a bloodworm pattern and had loads of takes especially last half-hour when i caught 7 ..:thumbs:
  15. FISH4FUN

    fisheries ice free

    Anyone know of any fisheries that are ice free .. i
  16. FISH4FUN

    Loch fyne sea trout

    Going to fish loch fyne for sea trout next week any info on fly patterns and what lines i should use intermediate or sinking line...:)
  17. FISH4FUN

    Snypes dam

    Any reports on how snypes is fishing recently as have not seen any reports on here recently.:confused:
  18. FISH4FUN

    powerhead rod top section wanted

    anyone got a powerhead top section 9ft 6.. 7 weight...:)
  19. FISH4FUN

    powerhead rod top section

    Looking for top section of powerhead rod.9ft6 wf7... Anyone got one for sale..