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  1. toxic evo

    Sleekburn ( near Blythe )

    Well as I said I was going today So I thought I had better I arrived around 10 am the weather was cloud and light wind Perfect for drys , the lake is in great condition weed well under control . (Peter and the lads have cleared tons of it right out of the way .) So set up a daddy and a f fly...
  2. toxic evo

    Lmao. I'm back again you were warned

    Well this one is a dry fly :thumbs: well it floats any way You were warned I would be back with another creation Introducing the Toxic Tadpole Please feel free to copy them :D Made for fun only so please no knicker twisting :D
  3. toxic evo

    Tiger fishing report ( south African style )

    As Promised a report i wont forget EVER Well lads I finale got my chance to go tiger fishing . Met the guide at a petrol station at 5-30 am in the pitch black in the middle of no where , Any way followed him in the 4x4 for only 10 minute to the town out skirts and we pulled on to a dirt track...
  4. toxic evo

    samsung 8mm vidio camcorder( VPL800u)880 dig zoom

    sorry about the confusion earlyer i was suppost to try and swop this . im looking to swop this for charity so looking for a 7 weight reel with floating line which ill also put in to a raffle (if i get a swop the charity gets £70 Of the bet ) (all offers etc to be done on open forum please)...
  5. toxic evo

    Mmm booby's (with deer hair)

    well snatchers and muddlers defeated me for now:omg: so played about and got this:omg: and this tied black deer hair behind the booby eyes so should cause a commotion in the water .at least its not rubber legs .:D
  6. toxic evo

    Booby toxic dragonfly

    well im back :eek: i know your all going to want one:cool: so ive added the recipe :D:D hook size 12 long shank black thread toxic rubber tail (any colour) body violet and black fritz silly legs x4 black booby eyes front view what the fish see(under neath view) this thing doesnt...
  7. toxic evo

    Goth lure

    first find a sleeping goth (my son last week) then snip a small piece of hair off and tie on a hook LOL Hair is actualy midnight blue comments welcome about the fly only as son does bite
  8. toxic evo

    the new Miners Lantern (Beamish lantern )

    well as promised here the next play with flexi :omg: its not the best picture in the world but its all i have for now thanks for looking and comments welcome toxic ps i use photo bucket but cant get the size right for pics any advice on what size works best .
  9. toxic evo

    Lidl landing nets

    From Monday Lidl are selling landing nets There great value and there large My mate got one last year and there well worth the money So get your self one while you can at £9.99 you need to be quick
  10. toxic evo

    Needs a name ( keep it clean though )

    Just Made this up ( why i dont know) :D and it needs a name revers side view Tail needs thined out a bit :eek: Please keep the coments clean Toxic
  11. toxic evo

    Sonic sk3 what's it worth ( been offered one)

    Hi I've been offered a sonic sk3 sk3070 7/8# for under £50 it's new But is it worth it . Need to know by tomorrow as its going on eBay Thanks Dave
  12. toxic evo

    Beaded z or blue budgie + others

    Well it's been a while since I put a few flys on so here goes :thumbs: Mind don't say you wernt warned Blue budgie ( beaded zonkers ) Spuggy ( large brown z ) Leggy nymph Now how many times do you say it's was caught on a what do you m call it ( well now your telling the truth) Yep...
  13. toxic evo

    whats the diference (lines)

    hi all im knew to this line lark so if the questions have been asked before please forgive me :D i keep hearing of fast glass, slime lines etc are they just sinking lines :confused: oh and what the hell is a midgetip line :confused: and whats the average prices for these lines . as i need a...
  14. toxic evo

    red eyed D/M blob

    front view side view sorry the pic quality's **** we cant all be flytyingguy's :D but you get the jist
  15. toxic evo

    Sorry I'm in TM again (Jordan fly)

    :omg: sorry they've really scrapped the barrel with this one it was sent as a joke but they still put it in the mag :D:D what ever next :whistle: 6 out of 6 so far :thumbs:
  16. toxic evo

    Blue and White budgie

    And the wet look Head silver bog chain beads Body. White micro fritz Light Blue marabou Tail White marabou Size 10 hook
  17. toxic evo

    Zaps cat

    Well now this is a cross between a zonkers an apps and a cat So it's a zaps cat Wet look Head 3 mm brass bead Body. 3 fluro plastic beads and 3 pieces of flexi Tail White zonkers strip Hook size 10
  18. toxic evo

    Raggy ass nymph

    catches well especialy in the margins as you can see its simple to tie just thread, peacock hearl,tinsel and a few beads for the eyes .
  19. toxic evo

    Yet another mutant in TF mag

    Well I've had another mutant published in TF mag That's 4 for 4 The toxic scorpion ( not pond walker as printed ) Oh fly picture was printed upside down in mag ( silly sods) :D Bet your wondering what's next :eek:
  20. toxic evo

    Wanted light n mid blue marabou

    Hi all I'm after some light blue and mid blue marabou suitable for lures If any one has any please let me know Toxic