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  1. benjamin_bizzell

    iPad Wanted

    Missed those two recent ipad sales - if anyone is selling an iPad, please drop me a line. Many thanks Benjamin
  2. benjamin_bizzell

    Simms "InVest" Jacket in XXL (NWOT)

    I have an unused (no tags) Simms Invest/Paclite jacket in XXL. Up for sale again at £80 posted Breathable, waterproof, windproof and very light with peaked hood and Velcro-closure cuffs. Smashing piece of kit that packs down into a small bundle to keep in your vest or fishing bag for...
  3. benjamin_bizzell

    Simms Primaloft in brown, XXL, used

    Ultra soft and warm Simms Primaloft jacket, used, in brown-grey with orange lining. Library photo used of same jacket as Photo-F****et not working! Happy to email photos to anyone interested. Nice condition and no rips or tears, stains etc. £85 posted recorded delivery (around a tenner)...
  4. benjamin_bizzell

    Simms invest Jacket with hood

    I have an unused (no tags) Simms Invest/Paclite jacket in XXL. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Breathable, waterproof, windproof and very light with peaked hood and Velcro-closure cuffs. Smashing piece of kit that packs down into a small bundle to keep in your vest or fishing bag for those rainy days...
  5. benjamin_bizzell

    England Youth Committee - Disbanding

    England Youth Committee - Disbanding Not sure folk are aware but, due to destructive meddling by the Angling Trust, the incredibly hard-working team that has been managing the EYFA over the years have decided to disband. No one is sure what will happen in the future for the England Youth but...
  6. benjamin_bizzell

    Di3 Sweep #8 Wanted

    Hello All One is after a Di3 Sweep #8 line, please PM if anyone has one to shift. Thank you kindly Benjamin
  7. benjamin_bizzell

    Thinkfish Flypad box - fully loaded

    Hi All I have my gently used Thinkfish Fly Pad, fully loaded with all trays etc for sale. Might even have original boxes they came in! £55 posted recorded delivery etc. New, fully loaded, they are £100 exc P&P Stock photos below as camera is .... :thumbsdown: Contact by PM, please...
  8. benjamin_bizzell

    Shakespeare Top Box for Seat Box

    If anyone has one and wishes to ofload, please PM me :) Thank you kindly Benjamin
  9. benjamin_bizzell

    Very expensive fluorocarbon....

    Wow! Riverge is getting a tad costly............ Riverge - Grand Max 100 yard Fluorocarbon Fly Fishing Line | eBay Benjamin
  10. benjamin_bizzell

    Confusing eBay listings from Fishtec - be aware

    A warning to anyone ordering flylines from Fishtec via their eBay pages to ensure you get what you are ordering. I ordered from the Fishtec eBay pages a Di5 40+ and Di3 40+ at £14 a pop (bargain, I thought) yet received instead the 40+ Extreme versions. The eBay listing very clearly stated in...
  11. benjamin_bizzell

    Most expensive foam replacement in the World?

    Well, this must surely prove to be the most expensive piece of foam in the World........... FLY FISHING BOX LINING MATERIAL - SELF ADHESIVE ETHAFOAM 12" x 12" x 3mm - RMLL2 | eBay regards Benjamin
  12. benjamin_bizzell

    Anyone able to provide full list of Comp rules?

    Hi All trying to locate a full list of all Comp Rules - TEFF website only seems to provide a basic version. Any help appreciated. Benjamin
  13. benjamin_bizzell

    Tonnes of Rapalas, plugs and some BIG spinnerbaits for Pike and the like....

    Ok Boys and Germs Here, below, are the lures I mentioned earlier. First up are the big boys for the Salt, Estuary, Nile Perch, Tigers, Pike etc Magnum CD's , Clear Lip Magnums, Super Shad Raps and Slivers - you dont need much else! I cannot put a price on these as I doubt anyone will buy...
  14. benjamin_bizzell

    Lures galore

    Lads and Ladettes I will be getting together a shedload of lures over the next few days. If anyone if interested, please drop me a PM otherwise will be putting up more details over the weekend (pubic holiday in England on Friday ..... hurrah) Some pike, perch and trout sized plugs but also...
  15. benjamin_bizzell

    Hanningfield - Any Method gone mad ?

    I fished a Loch-Style club competition yesterday on Hanningfield – the first Reservoir to go down the “Any Method” route. Now, before I continue, let me clarify that I judge no man based on origins or fishing method. On the day, the banks bristled with any method anglers and virtually all...
  16. benjamin_bizzell

    Rib Valley - anyone know how it is fishing?

    Has anyone fished Rib his week and know howw it is fishing? Thank you kindly Benjamin
  17. benjamin_bizzell

    Pile of fly lines inc some big game stuff

    As with the reels, Darcey needs new shoes and I have some lines to sell :omg: Scientific Anglers versi-tip WF7 with intermediate, med and fast sink tips in a zip-wallet SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Orvis Wonder Line Class V Density Compensated WF11S (5-6" sink) spooled, not used. £17...
  18. benjamin_bizzell

    Pile of Fly and Sea Reels for (tragic) sale

    For (tragic) sale is a wee pile of fly and sea reels (or a pike/bass reel) All reels sold pending - apologies for anyone who missed out. These are all my own gear that I have/have not used over the past few years but Darcey needs new shoes so needs must when the Devil rides and all that...
  19. benjamin_bizzell

    Drags on Fly Reels - why the fascination with something that can stop a "carthorse"?

    It seems many of us get stuck on having massive drags on Fly Reels. For most cases, we really dont need drags that can output more than 3kg (10lb max) Anything more and you are into #14+ reels when tackling pure bluewater species such as GT, big tuna, billfish and sharks where you may need a...
  20. benjamin_bizzell

    What rod and line do I need for distance casting with a bung ??

    So, I was casting a 100' on Saturday and not catching the fish at my feet. This other fellow there said a needed a distance casting rod that can cast a bung 101'. he said that one extra foot makes all the difference. he said I needed to spend at least £700 on a rod before I would catch more...