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    2021 Irish Mayfly

    Hi all, Any reports of mayfly on the lakes and loughs of Ireland yet?
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    Wanted - Life Jacket / Vest

    Hi all, Just checking if anybody has a life vest they would be interested in selling? Many thanks, KS
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    Lough Sheelin

    Hi folks. Any reports from Lough Sheelin. No mayfly as of Monday I believe but should be any day now.. Going up next week so hopefully that will be good timing.
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    Airflo Sweep / Washing lines...

    Hi, Looking to invest in a "washing line" type fly line. Was reading about Airflo Sweep and noticed they only begin at WF7. Any other recommended lines that may come in a WF6? Thanks. KS
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    Advice Wanted - 10ft #6wt

    Hi all, Just want to pick your brains on the best 6wt fast action rods out there at present. My mate recently bought a Sage XP, looks lovely and I would like to get something similar price / class secondhand. Will settle for 9ft 6in 6wt also. Could you give me a steer in the right direction...
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    Spate River Tactics for Sea Trout

    Hi, I live on the east coast Ireland and only fished the river closest to me for the past few years. Back home I fish for sea trout but the rivers are not spate rivers so I know when to fish for them after the water clears. The local guys tell me to fish for sea trout as the spate is clearing...
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    Mini Loop

    Hi Guys, I bought some spiral indicators last year and I had to tie a tiny loop on them. the previous one I purchased had the loops already tied on them. I managed to do it but it clearly wasn't the easiest way to do it and wasn't very pretty! Does anybody on here have any method of tying a...
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    Sweeney Todd

    Hi Guys, Could you post your own versions of the Sweeney Todd fly please? Its a fly I don't have in my armoury but I have been recommended to fish it for sea trout on my local river. I like the look of it and am curious to see the various interpretations of it. Thanks, KS
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    Lough Owel

    Hi, Going to fish this lake Saturday week, jsut wondering if anyone on here has any helpful information? Never fished it before so any direction re - flies / set up / tactics would be appreciated. Thanks, KS
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    Wanted - 8ft #4wt Rod

    Hi, Sad to say I broke my 4wt rod this morning closing the door of the jeep on it. More upset with myself for doing it than actually breaking the rod, it wasn't a classic far from it in fact but I was fond of it. Looking for an 8foot #4wt rod if anyone has anything suitable that may be...
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    Wanted - Greys GRXi Reel

    Wanted - Greys GRXi or Similar Cassette Reel Hi Guys, Just in case anyone is doing a spring clean I'm looking for a Greys GRXi or similar cassette reel + case incl spare spools. Need it for a #6/7 wt 11" 3' rod. If anyone has anything suitable I'd appreciate it if you got back to me...
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    Spiral Indicators

    Hi, I'm looking for spiral indicators for Nymph fishing? There are endless resources online e.g. Youtube etc to show how to make them but I haven't got around to trying it as I'm told its difficult to get right. Anyone here make them and willing to sell? Many thanks, KS
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    Wanted - Reel for 3/4 wt 10ft Rod

    Hi Guys, If anyone has a reel to suit a 4wt rod which I'll be using for Nymphing could you please contact me? Not looking to spend too much.. Kind regards, KS
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    Wanted - 10ft #4/5 wt Fly Rod

    Hi Guys, Looking to expand the collection and am looking for a 10ft #4/5wt rod specifically for nymphing on my local river. Am on the lookout for a Greys Streamflex but open to other suggestions. Second hand is fine too. Willing to listen to rod & reel combo also. Thanks, KS
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    Lough Sheelin

    Hi everyone, sorry to post this thread here but I thought it might get some attention. I was think of fishing Lough Sheelin before the season's end. Just looking for some advice on it? Is it a good call or would anyone recommend anywhere else? Many thanks......