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  1. buzzerfan

    Ross Evolution (original or the LT) size 1

    If anyone has a black one tucked away somewhere that they would be happy to part with, please be kind enough to PM me. Thank you, Andrew
  2. buzzerfan

    Ross Vexsis 2 (4-6wt lines)

    Reel is now sold, thank you.
  3. buzzerfan

    Bauer Rogue 1

    For sale a Bauer Rogue 1 reel SOLD
  4. buzzerfan

    Knee pads...recommendations please.

    When bank fishing on stillwater I spend most of my time on my knees, and do a lot of ‘knee walking’ when I’m ‘stalking’ fish, particularly when fishing the evening rise. I got fed up with wearing through trousers at the knee so bought some of these... NoCry Professional Knee Pads with Heavy...
  5. buzzerfan

    Loop Opti Dry Fly (NEW)

    For sale one Loop Opti Dry Fly reel, purchased brand new last year, it's still in the box, never mounted on a rod. SOLD It's a beautiful reel, but now surplus to my requirements. Any marks in the photograph's are fingerprints or dust. Andrew
  6. buzzerfan

    Currently tying ammunition...

    These are my scruffy bugs on Hanak H390BL size 18. Bead is 1.5mm to give you an idea of the gape. Appleby Olive dubbing for the body, burnt orange for the thorax area, Madeira Opal rib and a little UV black ice dub and squirrel behind the bead. I've popped these on FB, but thought I'd put them...
  7. buzzerfan

    Job lot of hooks (780)

    I have some Geoffrey Bucknall hooks for sale if anyone would like them? 170 size 18 up eye dry fly, 190 size 20 up eye dry fly, 250 size 14 up eye dry fly and 170 size 16 streamer hooks. All barbed. SOLD Andrew
  8. buzzerfan

    Still playing with CDC ideas

    Added a little CDC in 'split thread' at the head, to help trap air and give a bit of mobility to these. Should work fished 'just under'.... might get a chance to try them later. Hook is Fulling Mill 35050 #14
  9. buzzerfan

    Scruffy shuttlecock buzzer/emerger

    I've not posted anything for ages, so just thought I'd pop this up. I'm really pleased with the way it fishes. Floats like a cork and hangs the body just where I want it. Hook: Fulling Mill ultimate dry (35050) - I'm tying these in 12,14,16 Rib: Madeira Supertwist Opal Metallic 300 Body and...
  10. buzzerfan

    Nautilus FWX 5/6 new unused.

    For sale, a Nautilus FWX 5/6 in black, brand new unused. Comes with its neoprene pouch and backing already spooled. Just add a line. £190 delivered. Andrew
  11. buzzerfan

    Chevron Grizzle Cape

    For sale a Chevron grizzle cape, grade one (top), cost me about £50, used 4 or 5 feathers... SOLD Andrew
  12. buzzerfan

    Scruffy Olive paraloop #14

    Still tying olives for my Scotland trip in April... a friend suggested a paraloop version, so here's the first attempt. Definitely going to tie up some more, they should get better with practice but I'm fairly happy with this.
  13. buzzerfan

    Orvis Ultrafine 7'9" #2

    For sale an Orvis graphite Ultrafine 7'9" 2wt two piece rod in excellent condition with original sock and tube. SOLD. I believe the Ultrafine 7'9" #2 was the first 2wt rod made. It is not a 'noodle', casts beautifully and is great fun with a fish on. Well thought of on the Ultralight fly...
  14. buzzerfan

    Scruffy Olive

    Visiting friends in Scotland this coming April, I've been told to tie up some of these. Not perfect yet, this is my third attempt - which I'm fairly happy with, but should have them spot on shortly... when I've done a dozen in each size. Andrew Hook: Fulling Mill Ultimate Dry size 14-18 (this...
  15. buzzerfan

    Loop Opti Dry Fly

    A per the thread title, needs to be in good condition (and black, not blue). Please PM if you have one for sale before I buy a new one in the New Year. Thank you, Andrew
  16. buzzerfan

    Do you catch more stillwater brown trout on dry fly.

    I was prompted to post this when I read on another thread that someone had fished for 30 years without fishing a dry fly. I've fly fished for rather longer than that and have gone through the various phases of 'must catch a fish, must catch lots of fish, must catch big fish, difficult fish...
  17. buzzerfan

    Danielsson Midge and Spare spool - Mint

    For sale a Danielsson Midge and spare spool, both in mint/as new condition. Come with box, pouches, instructions etc. Line not included. SOLD:) Andrew
  18. buzzerfan

    Nautilus FWX 5/6 plus spare spool, both new.

    For sale a Nautilus FWX 5/6 reel, together with spare spool currently spooled with a decent #5 clear intermediate line but can't remember which one. Everything brand spanking new, never even mounted on rod. What you see in the photo is what you get.... SOLD Andrew
  19. buzzerfan

    Michael Evans Arrowhead 9'3" 6/7 'All Rounder'

    For sale, a Michael Evans Arrowhead 9'3" 6/7 'All Rounder' rod. 3 Piece in its tube. Lightly used on one trip to Scotland after salmon in a very low river, but in excellent condition. £90 delivered. Andrew Here's the link to the rod on Michael's site...All Rounder 9'3" #6/7 (3pc) - Michael...
  20. buzzerfan


    Maybe for the other side of the pond really, but I spotted these beads in the shop...:eek::o Added eyes... I'll get my coat.....:omg: