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  1. diawl bach

    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    An exciting second half but a terrible performance from Wales over all, why they didn't pass wide rather than keep trying to drive the ball over the line is beyond me, it obs didn't work. Two occasions with France down a man not capitalised on, a couple of game changing bad passes along with...
  2. diawl bach

    General tinkering thread ..

    I really like that, nice job.
  3. diawl bach

    High water

    The monitoring station at Upper Boat on the Taff recorded its record flood level this month with the river hitting an all time high of 5.49 metres, 18 feet, pretty amazing for a relatively short spate river which is just 40 miles long. We also experienced a record level on the Teifi in the...
  4. diawl bach

    The answer to the floods?

    If they copied the elegant and robust Cenarth bridge as a template for a replacement at Llechryd it would have the height and the channel to accommodate the now-normal superfloods, I'd be happy enough with that alright, Cadw might have something to say though.
  5. diawl bach

    The answer to the floods?

    Rebuilding the parapet on that bridge - a scheduled ancient monument - is a Herculean task, every winter it's submerged and a tree bounces into it. Pont Seli in Abercych's similarly afflicted but it's drivers who've had one over the eight who go through it! I was reading that 1 in ten houses...
  6. diawl bach

    The answer to the floods?

    I went to a public meeting held by EAW after a massive flood at Llechryd some years ago. Full of people who had bought houses in the full knowledge that they flooded demanding dredging, flood defences and loadsa money generally. Brave as I am I kept my counsel rather than being lynched.
  7. diawl bach

    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    Fingers crossed, it's going to be close even with a home advantage.Somewhat rattled after the Ireland match but Wales always keep you guessing.
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    The preceding events certainly raised an eyebrow
  9. diawl bach

    Small fly box for dry flies

    These are the ones I use, Okuma used to brand them but they go for about£12 unbranded. Features the famous sprung fly ejector, guaranteed to flip the fly you know will work into the grass, never to be seen again.
  10. diawl bach

    lack of insect life

    This has reminded me to build another bee hotel, the last one's begun to decompose. I was surprised at the uptake, solitary bees filled it. This is a good time of year to put one together, ready for the spring. Cracking article here on how to make a simple one that works -...
  11. diawl bach

    George Barron's approach

    I've used goose biots for tails which, of course, are rigid, and they work. My view is the bright coloured tail is a trigger in trad wet flies rather than a mobile lure and that the hackles and fur fulfil that part of the attraction. I'd be stuffed if I had to validate the view scientifically...
  12. diawl bach

    Question re appointing tree surgeon

    I have public liability insurance and expect to produce evidence of it when requested. A risk assessment wouldn't go amiss either if you want to demonstrate due diligence, it helps with thinking the job procedure through.
  13. diawl bach

    Fishing kit insurance

    And the editor, off on holiday as she is. We're doomed
  14. diawl bach

    Fishing kit insurance

    Glitch in matrix detected
  15. diawl bach

    Baking booby eyes

    Known in technical circles as the Schneider method.
  16. diawl bach

    The EA and the stocking of rivers.

    This is becoming a pedantic discussion which I have zero interest in, I think you've misinterpreted my posts. Do you have any scientific data to show how many badly handled fish survive? Burden of proof etc etc.
  17. diawl bach

    The EA and the stocking of rivers.

    Sure, in an ideal world but that wasn't my point, poorly executed C&R is damaging.
  18. diawl bach

    George Barron book... At the end of the line...

    It passed the time.... having received some information ( cheers for that ) I'll be giving this transaction a miss. Basil at GB Fishing in Aberystwyth had a few in the last time I called, I'll get one from there eventually unless someone does actually have one they want to sell without giving...
  19. diawl bach

    Squirmy worms .Aldi have rubber balls full of squirmy worm bits at £2.99 six different colours

    It's a sobering thought that if Major Charles Roberts had had an Aldi round the corner from the Burrishoole fishery he'd simply have nipped out, bought one of their balls for material and the Bibio would never have seen the light of day.
  20. diawl bach

    George Barron book... At the end of the line...

    Amazingly the cash is still here. If I spend it in the excitement of the Wales / France tournament this weekend I'll borrow some more to fund the purchase of the George Barron book you've now offered for sale on two occasions.