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    How's yours?

    4 kilos and 75 cm for that one, released after the picture.
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    Carp fishing 'naturally'.....

    I do not use bread flies or other "flies" like that, always imitative pattern (crayfish, tadpole, gamarrus, etc ...) Caught that 11 kg last week on a tadpole for instance :
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    How's yours?

    Last one, hooked a sunny day
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    An eel on a dry ??? how did that happen ?
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    shad is a fantastic fighter on a fly rod, one of my favorite partner
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    Leader, tippet, turnover and presentation

    On clear river with a high fishing pressure, I only use 6 to 7 meters long Maxima tapered leader, not the easiest to cast but it offers a perfect presentation for a small nymph. Caught those 2 beauties last saturday on sight with such a leader
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    Aspius aspius - Asp On A Fly

    I caught several asps last summer, the attack is really impressive, the fight not that hard. The most difficult thing is to cast/ stripp as quick as possible an entire day, really tiring at the end of the day.
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    Top 5 favourite fish species

    With no doubt, shad is in my top 5, like those one caught on sight last week end
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    River fishing for brown trout 2019

    hooked that one on a may fly
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    Fishing on the dordogne and pointers please?

    Dordogne river in Lot is well known for brownies and grayling. Some guides could provide a fihing day (from the bank, or in drifting canoe for the best spots).
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    How's yours?

    Don't know, between 3 and 4 kilos maybe.
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    Barbel on a fly

    Barbel is a good fighter on a fly rod, no matter what type of nymph as long as it's (really) heavy. i really enjoy hooking one of them.
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    How's yours?

    caught and release after a hard fight
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    How's yours?

    Hope to see another sea trout that season like this one caught in 2018.
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    Verdon (france) info please

    Should get in contact with fishing guides, like : Accueil Christophe Pironnie, Guide de pêche dans le Verdon Some incredible big trout coming from the lake of "Ste Croix" (up to 10 kg), but fly fishing isn't the most appropriate method for them. You could...
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    Best WF9I for pike

    Airflo 40+ sniper, but maybe too expensive.
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    French nymphing - what do anglers think of it?

    French / spanish nymphing is really efficient especially in fast flowing rivers with a depth between 50cm and 1,5 meters, using 2 nymphs (perdigones patterns) :thumbs: Last week with 2 of my mates we were fishing the same spot, they had a tandem dry / nymph with almost no takes, I switch to my...
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    Fly Fishing in Lozere area in France

    Lozère is a good spot for wild brownies and grayling. Rivers like Jonte, Tarn, Lot, Allier provide good fishing conditions especially in early morning and evening. Can you speak french ? if yes all informations needed are here :
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    Pyrenees summer trip

    Fishing on the spanish side is much better, but more expensive, and more complicated to get fishing licence (cottos). Have no more infos for that country (if you don't speak spanish, or even catalan it's a tough problem to understand how it works). For the french side, it depends where would...
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    Oostvoornse Meer ?

    Ok thanks for your reply.