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    Agreed, but as no one had replied, I thought I’d link a virtually identical tool from his description, other than the black handle 👍
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    Easiest doesn’t give the best finish. That tool gives me the best finish 👌
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    Wasatch Whip Finisher I use a Wasatch, other than my fingers, this is the easiest I’ve ever used.
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    Masterline Advantage Reel

    Last try ��
  5. bear

    Masterline Advantage Reel

    A cheeky bump ��
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    NOT Float Fishing

    Proud float fisher here. Great fun on still waters, but usually frowned upon by the ‘old guard’. Sometimes we need to change and accept to survive. Good way to get novices catching too. Unless it’s banned, crack on. Now I’m off to ledger a few boobies this evening ��
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    Masterline Advantage Reel

    Long shot, but looking for the above, the one with the silver rim in 7/8? Must be nice 👍
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    Wanted: 9’6 #6 Rod

    As the title, don’t want to spend too much, but open to something a bit nicer too 👍 3 or 4 piece.
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    Triangle taper thoughts?

    I didn’t get on with them. Around 1999, I bought a new XP and treated myself to a TT. Back in the day when I could cast a fair way, I preferred to carry quite an amount of line. The 444SL was much better for that. Never tried them in the lower line weights though.
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    Rio Gold, Cortland 444 peach, Snowbee XS

    I’ll have to dig out a picture of my pink Airflo floater, a slinky would have laid straighter 😭
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    Orvis Fly Rod

    I’ve a 9’ 4wt ZG tip flex, obviously a totally different rod, but it’s not as fast as other premium brand ‘fast rods’. Build quality is superb 👌
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    What’s your fave fly rod you have ever used/owned?

    Diamondback VSR 9’ 5wt or my Orvis Zero Gravity 9’ 4wt tip flex. Can’t decide. For some reason I want to write Bob Church Northampton, but quickly get a grip of myself 😭
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    Cwm Hedd Lake, Newport

    Unfortunately the owner passed away.
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    FAC SGC renewal and NHS cutbacks

    For my renewal this year, I had a letter from the Doctors asking a fee for a letter that was requested by Police. On advice of BASC I ignored it. When my firearms officer rang me, I told him and he said ‘I hope you didn’t pay’. As I understand it they have to reply, irrespective of whether I...
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    Xmas presents

    New Free Spirit barbel rod and a Plano gun centre :thumbs: Good company, healthy family, I need no more.
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    Only 1 sinking line????

    Obvious answer is a Di7. How else would you ledger boobies :whistle:
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    Barbel set up

    Summer 1.75lb and flooding 2.25 up. Fox do a nice twin tip (Duo Lite), 5000 size baitrunner / 12lb main line. Varying lengths of braided rig (up to 4/5’). Running ledger - Korum have done a nice video, look on YouTube. Also I’ve seen a Dean Macey one which was quite good too. They can explain...
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    Blank, Blank, Blank.

    When the going gets tough, ledger a booby :thumbs:
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    Rude specimen hunting fly fishermen

    As a 14 year old kid I was fishing a 'hot spot' point on a res (nearly 500 acres) and a guy asked me to move because he was a season ticked holder. I said no and take it up with my old man, just across by there. Can't miss him, the big scary looking guy. He went a little quiet and moved on...
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    Orvis Battenkill LA IV - 7/8 made in England era spools

    Four Orvis Battenkill LA IV - 7/8 spools (three spoke ones). All in very good, if not excellent condition, true and straight, not used since serviced by Orvis. Can email pics if required. £40 each inc. post.