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  1. mixmaster

    Neretva (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

    bY nIkE 2 - YouTube
  2. mixmaster

    Aspius aspius - Asp On A Fly

    Did anyone catch this fish on a fly? It's widespread european lowland predator from the Cyprinidae family. If you haven't tried to catch this fish on a fly, you've missed a lot. It is something like the european dorado or small tarpon, fish that lives a few hundred miles from you (or less). This...
  3. mixmaster

    Potamophylax sp. pictures

    These days we have great chance to fish trout in river with the large dry flies. Some species of the genus Potamophylax are hatching (in Southeastern Europe for sure) and attract attention of big fish. See this handsome large insect with chubby body:
  4. mixmaster

    Pond Olive

    The first hatch in the season of Cloeon dipterum started these days in the Balkans. Some of us spend our FF-time at ponds in search for rudd, roach or chub. For pond-lovers, Cloeon is most important upwinged fly. It is beautiful to watch how Roach splash on them (or our imitation)! Male...
  5. mixmaster

    Hot Glue Trout Fry

    Here is one of my imitations of fish (trout) fry. Just cover the hook with twisted (or braided) crystal flash, then finish with transparent, black, yellow and red hotglue. Trout fingerlings were just hatched, so this fly could be a good "match".
  6. mixmaster

    Ecdyonurus torrentis

    Well known upwinged fly of Europe - widespread and abundant stone clinger. nymph dun
  7. mixmaster

    Hot Glue Blood Worm

    Another easy-to-made hotglue and wire nymph. Simple, soft, transparent and durable.
  8. mixmaster

    Hot Glue Baetis Nymph

    Seems like hotglue-mania possess me. Olive wire and this handsome material are all you need for good, realistic and useful imitation of Dark Olive Nymph. Forget about bobbin, hackle pliers, finisher, dubbing twister...all you need are lighter and scissors.
  9. mixmaster

    Hot Glue Caddis Larva

    One more hot glue nymph. My imitation of Potamophylax and similar fat and juicy caddis larvae.
  10. mixmaster

    Hot Glue Shrimp

    Just hot glue and coloured wire. Transparent, natural, soft legs, solid, realistic...
  11. mixmaster

    Siphlonurus sp.

    This is one of the largest upwinged flies of Europe and Britain. Fly fishermen call it Large Summer Dun/Spinner. This insect is not well known as a Green Drake or Blue Winged Olive, but it is present in decent numbers in many lakes and rivers. The nymphs are agile darters and can be found in...