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  1. madjoni

    Small streams of Montenegro

    One of my favorite small streams,The White River and one day of fishing with proper English flyfisherman:) Must say that trout won this time.Final result was:18 for trout,5 for James :D
  2. madjoni

    Mystery Montenegro November upwing

    Something odd is going on in november:eek: Uploaded with Uploaded with
  3. madjoni

    Flyinghigh is gone

    I was asked by James to post this,so here it is
  4. madjoni


    What is this? Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  5. madjoni

    Loop evotec

    Hi there:( Does anyone knows how to convert loop evotec G3 from lefthanded to righthanded? H E L P:(:(:(
  6. madjoni

    Woven LDO

    Woven parashut LDO degen 83 ask for it yesterday and here it is not very good photos or tying:o because I have to move my vice outdoor for some Sun light:( but I think from photos it is understandable:rolleyes: This is first part,spliting tail of PT,wovening body with two threads,olive...
  7. madjoni

    Softmouth trout

    This is one of inhabitants of Lower Zeta, endemic and endangered softmouth trout ,Salmothymus obtysirostris zetenzis
  8. madjoni

    Lakes of Montenegro

    Hi there:) I 'll try to present some lakes from my country... First but not the last:D is Plav lake.. Named by small town near by,relativly big lake with lot of interesting fish. Brown trout,lake trout,huchen,grayling,pike..........
  9. madjoni

    Playing with silikon

    I was messing some things with silikon all is what came up... little fish :D peeping caddis.... and one 'dry' :D
  10. madjoni

    Some Dabblers

    I get that this flies imitate nothing and everything and they are lake patterns.So we have some great lakes and I am eager to try this flies.In meanwhile I want to here your verdict on these attempts :D:D I use for this one : tail:GP rib:0,25mm fluo green monofil body hackle-dark hen...
  11. madjoni

    Some wet flies

    Hi folks... In my humble opinion I consider UK as cradlle of modern fly fishing,so you people carry on that heritage and I would really love you to point the error in my flies....
  12. madjoni

    Some Ants

    This terestrials some days can save our day on river:guinness: body-dub hackle-black neck wings-white cock,split with black pheasant tail
  13. madjoni


    Can someone tell me something about this rod--Loop opti stream 4F??? Is this a fast rod?
  14. madjoni

    Wet may-first ones

    Hi to all:) Beeing on the forum for not long I notice couple new (for me) groups of flies.This Irish wets and Mudlers.Well,I dont like mudlers:D but this wet flies made good impresion on me.So,here they are,the first ones:o
  15. madjoni

    Some big stones....

    I love this litle devils,well they not so litle;) size-8 tail and legs-biots rib-gold wire cover-thin skin and epoxy over thorax part abdomen-dub torax-peacock
  16. madjoni


    One of mine partridge and hair from small deer that lives around here:cool:
  17. madjoni


    Hi all I shall try to present some rivers from my country. First of many here is Komarnica.It is river with many names,maybe litle odd but how it is.At the begening with name Bukovica,than Pridvorica,Komarnica and in lower course by name Piva get together with Tara river making great river...
  18. madjoni

    grannom caddis

    my favorit caddis is grannom...this is one of many variations i have made materials: hook:gamakatsu f11-2sh,size 12 body:icedub green than duck quill(mallard ,wing quill) wing:CDC thorax:hares ear
  19. madjoni

    Ryacophila SBS

    materials used: tail-partridge rib-najlon 0.12mm gills-ostrich weight-led wire body-kondom,beneath isedub holooliwe body cover-nailon folia thorax cover-green rafia thorax legs-pheasant thorax-cream dub My english is not very good an I hope that pictures will show the procedure:)