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  1. bear

    Masterline Advantage Reel

    Long shot, but looking for the above, the one with the silver rim in 7/8? Must be nice 👍
  2. bear

    Wanted: 9’6 #6 Rod

    As the title, don’t want to spend too much, but open to something a bit nicer too 👍 3 or 4 piece.
  3. bear

    Orvis Battenkill LA IV - 7/8 made in England era spools

    Four Orvis Battenkill LA IV - 7/8 spools (three spoke ones). All in very good, if not excellent condition, true and straight, not used since serviced by Orvis. Can email pics if required. £40 each inc. post.
  4. bear

    Folding net recommendation?

    I'm looking for a cheap folding net (tri net type) that I can keep in the back of my car. Not sure of the net quality of the cheaper ones? Any suggestions?
  5. bear

    Grease or silicone spray or other (?) on a fly reel?

    I'm just servicing an old reel and cleaned off the grease. It's a 'click and pawl' reel and was going to re-grease the pawls and spindle, but was wondering what others use. Anyone tried silicone spray?
  6. bear

    Cork Recommendations

    Any suggestions where to buy a good quality flor grade half wells cork handle? Are there any differences in the UK or do they all come through Hopkins and Holloway / Guides n Blanks? Thanks.
  7. bear

    Son snapped mates rod !

    Took the lad fishing this morning with a borrowed rod, because mine are all too fast for him and he wanted to step up from his 9' 5wt. Casting seeing an improvement, then on his third fish, SNAP :omg: Daiwa Lochmor 4 piece is now a 5 piece. Didn't snap at the ferrule, didn't hit the blank with...
  8. bear

    Airflo Super Stik - any good - options?

    I'm looking for a 9'6" 6 weight rod. It's a 'keep in the boot' rod so not looking to spend mega money. Middle to tip 6wt rather than an 8wt pretending to be a 6wt :p Super Stik, or any recommendations please? I did a quick search and there was suggestion that this was the same blank as the...
  9. bear

    Thin thread recommendation?

    I want to go thinner than 70 or 8/0, what would you guys recommend? I'd like colours rather than just black or white. Thanks.
  10. bear

    How long for Tennis Elbow to heal?

    Had a pain in my elbow for a month or so, went to the quacks yesterday and looks like tennis elbow. Ordered a strap from Amazon and have Ibuprofen gel, how long did it last for you guys?
  11. bear

    WANTED: Vision Mycket Bra - Green

    I'm looking for one of the green Mycket Bra's (front and back). Long shot but worth a try before I buy a new orangey/brown one! Thanks.
  12. bear

    Orvis Battenkill LA IV - 7/8 large arbor reel

    Looking for a mint or very good condition LA IV reel. Thanks.
  13. bear

    Original Mosaic / MOP Rootbeer

    So, how good was the original mosaic and did any manufacturer get close to replicating it? I understand the original machine was burnt? May have dreamt that though. Or did it have the MOP Rootbeer effect? Good material but a frenzy was whipped up when it was hard / impossible to hold of? MOP...
  14. bear

    Sage XP 10' 7wt - superb condition

    Sage XP 10' 7wt - 4 piece. This was a back up rod, that has only been fished with half a dozen times and it shows it too. Owned by me from new. I'm struggling to find any marks on the blank at all. £260 inc first class recorded delivery. Paypal 'gift' only please.
  15. bear

    Rod licence when teaching kids / youths

    I'm a little confused with the EA guidelines, could anyone clarify? I'm teaching my son (age 13) and my daughters boyfriend (age 18) to fish / cast. I've obviously got an EA licence, but neither of them have. They were fishing over a stocked pond. I've taken my boy loads of times and never...
  16. bear

    Dying Cape Advice

    I'm after some advice dying a cape or two. Firstly I have an old Chinese cree cape (for the Humungus) but it seems a bit dark and I'd like to lighten it to maybe a light cream. Secondly I have a big grizzle cape and I'm never going to use it all, so I'd like to split it and dye half sunburst...
  17. bear

    Kamasan B130 Trad Wet Hooks - Drennan Copies?

    I had an email from Glasgow Angling Centre announcing new Kamasan hooks, I thought a barbless range, at last. They are touting the B130 Trad Wet as a copy of the Drennan Trad Wet but I can't find the news snippet now. I know many people rave on about the Drennan but at £5 per 25, they're too...
  18. bear

    B170 Barbless Alternative

    Any suggestion for a barbless alternative to the B170? I'm using them for still water dries, hoppers, bobs bits and emergers etc. Thanks.
  19. bear

    Hardy CLS 5000 for 8 weights?

    Does anyone use a CLS 5000 with 8 weights or would I need the 7000? The 7000 just seems big, even though its only 5mm and 14grams more.
  20. bear

    LAW vice, why so expensive?

    So why do the LAW vices fetch so much money? Having never used one, is it the exclusivity, the quality, ease of use or the investment factor? When he was making them, how much did he charge for one?