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    Tal Y Llyn

    Emailed the hotel last week inquiring about the fishing and the possibility of fishing it from my kayak. My request as expected was politely declined so I asked about the current state of affairs and got the impression that the refurbishment on the boats had not yet begun but it was still on the...
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    Lake Huron, Geogian Bay,

    Anyone have any experience of fishing and guides in this area, Have booked 4 days on the Bruce peninsula and might want to cast a line or two. Any help appreciated Jonesy
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    Lake Vyrnwy

    After a tough week (for me) in Ireland I was glad to get out on Vyrnwy yesterday for some sport. We were lucky with the weather but not the midges who were as always starving. Fishing out of Whitegates six anglers returned 49 fish with one of the three rainbows kept for the pot. The best of the...
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    Rod tube.

    In need of a rod tube for a 10' 2 piece if anyone has one to sell. picked up a near unused custom RPL that arrived loose in a thin cardboard box all the way from Vermont and unbelievably is undamaged. If you don't have one but know where I can get one (not plastic) please let me...
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    Wanted : Chickens teeth

    Failing that, looking for a top section for a Mk1 EMG 10ft 3 piece. Must be loads out there! not all at once please. Broke whilst throwing a line on Sheelin 2 weeks ago, just stopped crying :( Jonesy
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    11ft Hardy graphite spin

    Hi all, I won the above rod on ebay yesterday and was wanting to have it refurbed with new cork, eyes checked over etc. Hardy will no doubt do a stirling job, but was wondering if there are any alternatives who may be equally qualified but less expensive, your thoughts please. Jonesy
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    Orvis Frequent Flyer and LA 111 reel and line.

    Hi all, Reel now sold. Orvis Frequent flyer 8"6' #5 . £120 UK posted, superb condition, excuse pictures, the here are no marks on the blank just reflected light and a bit of dust. Other than slight discolouration to the cork it's mint.
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    Small step first.

    I would love to build a rod of my own, but rather than jumping in with both feet I thought i'd test the water first. I have bought a reel seat that would improve an existing rod (7' 3" Fladen Vantage) Any books or vids in helping me remove the old reel seat would be appreciated. Jonesy
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    3# reel and line

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a cheap reel and line for my uncle, to go with a brook rod recently bought, If anyone has a used 3 weight reel with a line on it please PM me £40 tops Cheers Jonesy
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    Ladies Brasher Argon shoes

    Hi, up for grabs is are a new pair of Ladies Brasher Argon hiking/activity shoes size UK8 These are perfect, have never been worn and the tag is still attached. £35inc UK postage:mad:
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    Had a wonderful day on the upper Dee today. Bit chilly in the morning but warm enough by lunch to bring out enough flies to raise the fish up. Biggest came in at 3.5lb had others at 2lb, 1.5, 1.0, and plenty of small ones to be seen. Saw a few salmon too which is always a pleasure. Tight...
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    Personal bests

    This year I have had two personal bests, a 4lb sea trout and a 6lb wild brown. This week my dad went up to the Tyne and the Tweed for two days and had two bests, firstly a 14lb salmon followed the next day by a 9lb sea trout. Has anyone else had a good year with a PB...
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    Lough Melvin

    Got back last night after 3 days on Conn then 3 days on Melvin. Suprisingly Lough Melvin turned up with the biggest catch of the week. This little belter took a Twister on a drift up the east shore out of Rossinver, 6lb and returned to fight again... wonderful. Cheers to garyj for the lucky...
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    Second upload effort

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    First upload of a few shots

    Just fishin :: Sunset on Mask picture by Sabrenymph - Photobucket Just fishin :: Lough Mask picture by Sabrenymph - Photobucket Just fishin :: Sleeping Mask picture by Sabrenymph - Photobucket
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    Snowbee Classic Breathable stockingfoot.

    Hi, up for sale are a pair of Used Snowbee breathables. They are in excellellent condition with no tears, rips or scrapes. They are a size large and would suit someone 5'10" - 6' 2" up to 40" waist. I'm 6ft and 36" waist and find them great. The foot size would suit 9.5/10 UK. My size 11s...
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    Useable Intrepid gearfly.

    Hi, the ratchet tensioner on my much loved gearfly has disintigrated and as there are a lack of spares around I thought I might try my luck at picking up a spare reel. My current one is not the king size. Jonesy
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    Lough Ree info

    Hi guys, I wanted to fish Lough Ree on the 28th May and am having difficulty locating someone with 3 boats and motors (party of 9) if anyone has any info on this it would be greatly appreciated. Jonesy
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    Hi Guys, I've got a couple of days booked on Erne next week out from Boa Island and wondered if anyone had any tips they could pass on. Done Mask, Corrib, Conn but this is my first time on Erne. Jonesy:o
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    Hi guys, I had an enjoyable first trip of the season yesterday with conditions which were pretty good. Light hatches of Olives weren't enough to bring on any significant surface activity, however 8 rods in our party returned only 1 blank with 1 boat managing 7 fish including 2 of over...