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    Removing part of a rod handle

    I've decided that the NonRoo lightweight reel seat I got would look better on my 10ft 2wt than the 22mm cork reel seat that I originally put on, and it should shave off another couple of grams. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could remove the cork that has been stuck on with...
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    A 9' #5 rod that weighs only 70g for £60

    I was going to describe to you how I have just finished the above rod with two tip sections, but I've decided not to due to the kind of responses that my previous threads have received from some members of this Forum. So I'm looking forward to trying out this, togther with my other light rods...
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    Sharing information on blanks

    Following my earlier thread on choosing the right blank. Can we use this thread to list the section weights of the blanks we buy to give us a better understanding of the weight distribution of the various blanks. I shall then collate it at some later point in time: Aventik 9ft #5 blank...
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    Choosing the right blank?

    Up to now in my rod 'designing' I've been looking at the optimum weight distribution of the fittings given the basic weight distribution of the blank I've bought. With the discussion on this forum, I'm now seriously thinking about how to select the best blank for what I need and within a strict...
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    Nail knotted loop or braided?

    This has probably appeared on the site before, but worth another review? For years I put a nail knotted, nylon loop onto the end of my fly line, but then got dazzled by the much neater braided loops. However, I'm starting to re-think this with a new line I'm just loading up. Which is better...
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    Super light 9'6'' 6/7wt fly rod for £70

    I’ve just completed making my super light 9’6’’ 6/7wt fly rod for use on lakes and reservoirs. My aim was to make a rod that was light and cheap, aiming for a weight less than the Sage X at 99g (3.5 oz) and cost around £60 (as opposed to £899!). Again I was using my principle of using as light...
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    Hardy Shadow: Fake? modified? older model?

    A couple of years ago I bought a second hand Hardy Shadow 9'6'' 7wt fly rod. I've been looking at the properties of all my rods and found out that it weighs about 25g more than the advertised weight, with the butt section alone weighing 83g. This seems very heavy to me so have I bought a fake...
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    Whipping on single leg guides

    Looking on the internet, the instructions I've seen are to position the single leg guide with hot melt glue, then whip on. I've been using selotape on the end of the foot to position it, start whipping then remove the selotape as I reach it, as I used to do 50 years ago before hot melt glue was...
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    Moral dilemma with COVID

    I have a moral dilemma. I've argued on this site that fly fishing is good exercise, a solo sport and therefore should be allowed, and been vilified for this. Since the publication of the letter from the Minister of Sport it is clear that fishing is regarded as being non-essential and therefore...
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    A super light 7'6'' 3wt small stream rod for £60 using a Next blank

    Having made an ultra-light 10ft 2wt nymphing fly rod from a Next blank, I decided to make a small 7’6’’ 3wt fly rod for my grandchild to use. Again I wanted to make it as light as possible and as I liked the Next blank, I decided to use one again. I bought their blank plus cork grip for £42...
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    Strongest fine wire hooks?

    I've just got back from fishing my local lake and I lost 3 trout ~4lb that bent the hook back. I was using an apps bloodworm that I'd made myself using Partridge fine wire dry fly hooks. I had to use fine wire as that was the only wire that could fit through the hole in the small beads I used...
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    New Vision Mag VP4103 10ft #3/4, never used.

    My wife has told me to get rid of some of my rods, so I'm selling on e-bay the above rod. It was rated as the best river rod in Trout and Salmon in 2014. Bought as a spare rod and never used, still with the protective wrap on the handle...
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    Stonfo whip connector for a tenkara rod?

    Has anyone tried using a stonfo whip connector on the end of a Tenkara rod? Any reason why not?
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    cheap 1:1 thin, clear epoxy resin

    I've been using Sensei X epoxy resin that I've found to be good, but costs over £23 (plus postage) for 57ml. However, I've just found on e-bay a 1:1 crystal clear, thin resin that looks similar and costs £3.80 for 60g or £4.30 for 100g...
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    Orvis Clearwater MK1 2 piece 9ft 6wt mid flex fly rod

    With original tube and bag. Recently replaced new ring tip from Orvis.
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    Bloke XGnP blank

    Has anyone had any experience with these blanks? It is claimed to be one of the strongest blanks, but not stiff.
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    How to make a super light 10ft 2wt nymphing rod for ~£60

    When considering making this rod, there were three things I had in mind: keep the rod as light as possible, keep the cost down and, as much as possible, retain the flexibility of the blank. For those of you who disagreed with my previous post on the relative greater need for a light nymphing...
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    PVC solvent weld

    This may seem like an odd title for a fishing forum but does anyone know whether solvent welds for PVC piping is just solvent, or does it contain PVC or CPVC? The reason I ask this is that I've been thinking about thin lines for ESN. The ones you can buy seem to me to be ridiculously expensive...
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    Ultra light small fly reel that won't break the bank

    I'm after a small, ultra light fly reel for my ESN fly fishing to use with a 0.5mm nymphing line, so I don't need a huge capacity. For lightness I'd be looking for a click and pawl reel. The lightest, most readily available is the Sage Click reel, with the 0-2# weighing in at 2.3 oz, but at...
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    Realfit reel fittings

    Does anyone know where I could buy Realfit reel fittings other than Guides and Blanks? They charge £4.10 postage for an item that costs £2.26!