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    I have two comments. My first is that dubbing is not all that hard if you have been taught how to do it correctly. Nor is there a need for using wax except for touch dubbing. I wrote a tying "tip" that describes the dubbing technique I use. It was published in Fly Tyer Magazine in 2002. I...
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    UV resin applications?

    Attract Ant
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    Which Dry Fly Tippet?

    Yellowstone Angler tested all the available tippets in 2012. Here is the result. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Who makes the best fluorocarbon out there? Seaguar GrandMax /...
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    Hook Sizes for a Particular Fly line

    I agree. The sport is called "fly" fishing for a reason. It all starts with the fly. That determines the tippet and leader design required to present the fly. That then determines the fly line (taper) that should be used. Then the rod and the reel follow in importance. It is not that the rod...
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    Fluid Bed System for powder coating paint

    Here is an ingenious way to powder coat jig heads for painting. Fluid bed "system" - Fly Fishing - Fly Tying
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    UV or not UV that is the question!

    There is another form of UV interaction beside reflection and fluorescence. That is phosphorescence. It can be thought of a delayed fluorescence. There is a delayed emission of light after absorption of the UV light photons. The application in fly fishing is glow in the dark tying material for...
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    UV or not UV that is the question!

    The interest in UV tying materials really peaked with Reed Curry's publication of his book "The New Scientific Angling Trout and UV Vision." Here is Reed Curry's Midcurrent article about trying to match UV...
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    How to search this site using Google

    Learn to search the site using Google. Place the search terms in front of "" For example, if you search Google for "How to repair waders" you get this search...
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    Sorry if its been asked in here before

    Learn to search the site using Google. Place the search terms in front of "" For example if you search Google for "John Noris flylines" you get this search...
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    A Short Film - The Complete Fisherman
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    Places like this still exist.

    I'm way too old to fish this type of stream but places like this still exist in the USA.
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    Comparradun hair shortage

    Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, Montana has the best selections of deer and elk hair. It is Craig Mathew's fly shop and he came up with the sparkle dun, a mayfly emerger which was based on the comparadun and the X-caddis, a caddis emerger which was based on the Elk Hair Caddis...
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    Bug off uv

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    Chadwick’s 477

    Ahh, the killer bug and the search for Chadwick 477. There is a spot on match which is Berroca UAF 1214 (Steel Cut Oats). I was able to buy several skeins after I was told of the match by a fly tying friend who found the match several years ago. Unfortunately, the match was found AFTER...
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    Bug off uv

    If you still have the bottle, take off the cap and put the uncapped bottle in the microwave. Try heating it up for about 3 seconds. Warming it up should thin it out. Try another few second if it is not thin enough.
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    Hackle size

    I agree. Parachutes can be tied with hackle that is up to 1 size larger.
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    I was asked to share this video with this forum

    I shared this video on why social distancing works on the NAFF A member asked me to post it here.
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    Wader repair with Tolune/Toluol

    Here in the states we have a product called Aquaseal for repairing waders. It tends to slowly cure in the tube once it is opened. What I do is to put it in the freezer. This keeps the tube from curing. I have a tube that is over 10 years old that I can use. Cotol 240 is toluene and is a thinner...