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    Fluid Bed System for powder coating paint

    Here is an ingenious way to powder coat jig heads for painting. Fluid bed "system" - Fly Fishing - Fly Tying
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    How to search this site using Google

    Learn to search the site using Google. Place the search terms in front of "" For example, if you search Google for "How to repair waders" you get this search...
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    A Short Film - The Complete Fisherman
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    Places like this still exist.

    I'm way too old to fish this type of stream but places like this still exist in the USA.
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    I was asked to share this video with this forum

    I shared this video on why social distancing works on the NAFF A member asked me to post it here.
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    Remembering Gary Lafountaine

    It has been 18 years since Gary LaFountaine passed. Here is one of his last interviews.
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    Charlie Craven Interview

    Getting Primed with Charlie Craven
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    Podcast - Fighting and Landing Trout

    Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio has a podcast on “Fighting and Landing Trout” by competitive angler Kurt Finlayson, formerly of Team USA. Usually these podcasts are up only for a short time. I have just started to listen to it and it seems to cover a lot more than fighting and landing...
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    Free Humpy Encyclopedia - Tying Instructions by the Beatty’s

    Go to the link and download the free book. Save it as a PDF.
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    Podcast - How Trout Think

    Informative podcast. Start listening at about 40 minutes into the podcast after the “flybox” section of questions and answers. The Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast with Tom Rosenbauer
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    Mousing in New Zealand

    First a history lesson from BBC Earth. YouTube Now videos for mousers. YouTube]YouTube YouTube
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    Great Article even for non Flytiers

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    Free Copy of “The Fly Tying Bible"

    Go to the link below: After the book loads, place your cursor over the book st the upper part of the book and you will see a downward pointing arrow at the right upper corner of the page. Click on it to download the...
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    The Fishing Notes of John Voelker from the American Museum of Fly Fishing

    I found this link to the American Museum of Fly Fishing on another BB. This is a great read about John Voelker, Michigan Supreme Court Justice, and author who published "Anatomy of a Murder under the pseudonym of Robert Traver. He also published Trout Madness, Trout Magic, Anatomy of a...
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    New Species of Brown Trout discovered in Scotland

    ”The study, led by Prof Eric Verspoor, found four genetically, ecologically and visually distinctive species that have evolved in the loch over the last 10,000 years. One of the species, a “Profundal Benthivore", has not as yet been reported to occur in any other loch in the brown trout's...
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    Counterfeit fly lines in the UK

    Any buyers of these line on the forum? Fake fishing lines catch out eBay seller and manufacturer | News | North Yorkshire County Council Here is the company involved: "Northern Sport Fishing, a manufacturing company from Bromsgrove, West Midlands and its director Richard Tramer." Northern...