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    James Reid salmon cane rod 12 1/2'

    James Reid salmon cane rod sliced 12 1/2' 2 tips 12703 7/8wt, spliced. A rare opportunity to buy one of these fabled rods - you would normally wait at least 6 months. It is what he calls a 'summer run'. There are walnut spacers and the agate is a beautiful green. It is a three piece with a spare...
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    Saracione 4" left hand wind. Mark 1V. Silver/Black

    Saracione 4" left hand wind. Mark 1V. Silver/Black Save over £200! Isn't this the reel you have dreamed of, at least it is the poor man's Bogdan! A rare opportunity to buy this model at a considerably reduced price compared to what you would have to pay in this country. Unlined, unused...
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    Mahseer fishing - pergatory in paradise!

    Ah well, the truth and you usually get it in bucket loads from me. There is fact and opinion. Opinion is open to interpretation so that I leave to you to decide. I hope my facts are right, I stand corrected if I make mistakes. My journey to catch these fabled fish started on the 14th of April...
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    Thomas & Thomas VE8611S-3 81/2' #11

    Continuing my clear out, Tarpon, Pike, Big Game fishing! Like new, cork unsoiled, no scuffs, no scratches. Stunning. With original tube. To include postage £150 - lower price! PayPal as gift.
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    Thomas & Thomas HE907S-4 9' #7

    Used but in very nice condition, very slight scuffs but no scratches. Original metal case gone missing, however will have a very tough proper rod carrying case, not just a plastic tube which cost me £20 originally from Foxon's. To include postage £130, a bargain! Cheapest I can find this is...
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    Winston Perfect 3/8ths made by Hardy Ltd edition

    A new unlined green limited edition Winston Perfect. All paperwork, felt bag, one cent, all there. A classic, to keep or use. Pictures shortly but most in the know, know exactly what this is! Nice for bamboo!! £325 plus £10 for postage, insured, tracked. PayPal as gift. PLEASE NOTE, TYPO ABOVE...
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    A website to make your eyes pop out!

    Vintage Fly Reel | Homepage Amazing!!
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    Fly Fishing but not as you know it!!

    Fishing the Skeena BC. T17, 3' leader, wool, Jensen eggs, lead wire, with a single or Spey rod. The guide admitted that most were flossed, if UK people know what that means, Foul hooked to you and me. Basically using a fly rod to bottom bounce, wonder what would happen if you did this in...
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    Sage TCX 15' 10 wt salmon rod

    Just in case there are some of you who also fish for salmon - this is listed else where- for £450 plus postage insured, only used a few times in excellent condition, 4 piece, tube, bag. A bargain - shops sell this second hand for £550! New price, over £700. If you want picture just let me know.
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    Salmon reels

    4.25" large arbour, good drag, never been used, 9/11 AFTM lines, ideal Atlantic salmon fishing reel, left handed only not convertable. Can be used for salt water, drag sealed. £50 ncluding insured delivery, 4 available - if you buy all four, pay for three - £150...
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    Marc Petitjean fly vest FV100

    Grab yourself a bargain - the iconic fly vest, I have never used this, but it is in very good condition. Sitting around doing nothing and probably will never be used so I am trying to rationalise things and when the spirit moves, there will be more! £80 and £10 for recorded signed for delivery...
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    airflo sewincaster

    WF8F/S3 TYPE 3 sink tip One of Illtyd's famous lines - unused, not spooled, bought thinking that this is the intermediate one! £25 including postage - paypal as a gift or bank transfer or cheque. In original box - all as original. Reduced to £22 inclusive of postage. Is this that unpopular? Last...
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    Hardy Perfect Salmon 4 inch 1950's

    Put it here before going to fleabay in case it is of interest - Hardy Perfect Salmon 4", brass ribbed foot, not an alloy foot, no line guard, beautiful condition, tight, no wobble, no line burns, bit of wear on outer rim, foot not bent or filed, no cracks to frame, dulicated mark 11 check -...
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    Thomas and Thomas Heirloom rod

    FR805-3 serial no. 2157 3 piece cigar shaped wells, 8' 5 wt - sage green in colour - not the new ones - previous generation, a rod to drool over, perfect in every way! Said to emulate the cation of a bamboo rod why am I selling this? I am having a bamboo rod made for me by Tim Harris Fly rods...
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    G LOOMIS Roaring River Dredger Kispiox 14' 9/10 short belly

    Like new - superb - ideal Skagit rod - £200 + £10 postage - bag and case like new - 4 piece - no scuff marks - well looked after - an excellent double -hander.
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    Speyworks SLP 13' 8/9 Salmon double hander

    Stunning - cork like new, rod like new - £200 + £10 postage Beautiful double hander two years old, hardly used - 4 piece, bag and case like new.
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    Hardy The Golden Prince Salmon 11/12 First Edition

    Hardy The Golden Prince Salmon 11/12 First Edition Serial no. 329 Like new - no dints, no gravel rash, brass ribbed foot which will fit modern reels - case like new. £140 + £10 postage insured.
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    Hardy Swift Mark 11 11' 6" doulbe handed.

    Continuing the clear out!! Used very few times but looks like new - bag, tube as per original - £150 + £10 postage insured 7 wt and spelling mistake - double!!
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    sage xp 486-4 8 1/2' 4 wt

    a classic beautiful rod in very good used condition this is a custom rod the serial number ends in B therefore even though it pains me as it is still a cracking rod £115 including registered insured postage.
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    sage z axis 9' 6" 4 piece 5wt 596-4

    good used condition - £170 and £10 postage insured - paypal as gift or cheque