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    Fishing on the dordogne and pointers please?

    Hi all, I am planning to be in Lot in May and I'd like to fish the Dordogne. Does anyone have any info about fishing the Dordogne. I am going to get a Carte de Peche for Lot. Do I need any other permits to fish the river. Also if anyone can point me in the right direction of where its good for...
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    The River Dart, how's it fishing

    I am off the fish the River Dart this weekend. I was wondering if anyone has any tips about flies and also how is it fishing at the moment? cheers Phill
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    help on grayling on lower itchen

    hi can anyone give me advice on techniques for fishing lower itchen for grayling, also good spots. It's a big bit of river and its a tough one to get your head round. I was planning on some french nymphing potentially, to get down to the fish etc.. cheers Phill
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    Grayling rivers near cardiff?

    Does anyone know of any good day ticket rivers in Wales within an hour of Cardiff. I hear those Grayling grow big in wales :) cheers Goatfish
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    west coast scotland

    Any thoughs on fishing wes coast of scotland with the fly. I aqm on Eilean Shona near Mull for a week mid may and was wondering if anyone has some tips on types of flies, types of fish to chase and techniques. cheers Phill
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    Salmon fishing west coast Scotland in the sea

    Hi I am on holiday in Scotland in May on a small west coast Island called Eilean Shona which sits at the mouth of Loch Moidart. In the past I have seen the odd salmon and sea trout pod. I was wondering if anyone can suggest flies that would work well for these fish. I have a 9wt rod ready for...