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    Lines I have Known

    Similarly there was a Woolco store in north-west Bournemouth. Very good - records, magazines, fishing kit, clothes were all well worth looking at.
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    Tippet or mono?

    Some people love braided loops, others think they are the invention of the devil. It's unlikely that the trout care that much....
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    Lines I have Known

    The old Garcia mushy pea green slow sinker from the '70s was a great line as well. Probably a fast intermediate in 21st century speak. Bob Church offered an approximate equivalent in later years, he called it the "slowest of slow" sinkers.
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    Stomach Contents

    I am with you on the cased caddis (upper fly). I'd be more inclined to think the lower one is either a green sedge pupa or a free swimming caddis; not all the grubs make cases. A damsel nymph is longer and slender with 3 feather like tails. Unforgettable when you see them swimming with that...
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    Do fly lines degrade?

    I go along with the feedback above that fly lines can potentially have a long useful life. I bought a "home made sink tip shooting head", as recommended by Bob Church, in 1978 and didn't finally bin it until the early 2000s, many trout having been caught on it. Eventually the plasticiser does...
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    Fly line leader connection

    If the nail knot works for you, as it has done for many years for me, then carry on using it. At times less is more....
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    Best Amadou patch

    Apologies for crashing the thread, but every time I see the word "amabou" I can't help thinking about...
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    Unused Tackle

    Treated myself to a budget price but serviceable loch style outfit a few years ago. An easy action 11-foot 5-weight rod from an Irish guy on here who had a small production run made; Greys GLA reel with 2 spare spools; WF5 floating and sink tip lines from Barrio, and a dapping line ! For one...
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    Pike and trout handling!

    If nervous about chinning pike, you could always wear a tough gardener's glove made of heavy duty rubber on your "chinning" hand. And watch out for those teeth, in addition to the sheer number I have read they also have an anti-coagulant on them, any cut will bleed for hours. So in addition to...
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    All flies you can tie with pheasant feathers

    Pheasant Tail dry / Pheasant Tail red spinner, both mainly for rivers.
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    Fingers crossed on both counts, Bob. I have noticed several day ticket fisheries are doing the same as Farmoor re limited numbers and advance prepaid bookings. Let us know how you get on ?
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    I think we English anglers could be travelling back in time to the 1970s today, Jim. Fist fights on the banks at Chew over trying to reserve swims and the rest of it. Next week will be soon enough for me to fish again, and it will be on a chalk stream beat so nice and quiet :rolleyes:
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    Landing net question

    Castalot, from hard won personal experience can I suggest you swerve the Wychwood Rover net, or at the very least go into it with your eyes open. The concept and outline design are good, but it's let down by a couple of flaws in execution. First, the telescopic shaft is made from pretty thin...
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    Oh Hell.

    You've done it now, Douglas. Before long it will all kick off. One group will say the little boy is a damned blackguardly poacher for using a red outfit and that only the little girl with the yellow kit is an honourable angler; the other group will say that of course there's nothing wrong with...
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    Which Leader.

    And the second best is "...don't attempt to fish with any droppers until you are confident in your casting." I would suggest you only use a multi-fly rig when you know what advantage you will gain from doing so; don't make its use your default setting. Quite often of course on reservoirs there...
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    This time next week...

    Thanks Bob, that will be something to look forward to...
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    This time next week...

    Don't bet your house on it, Jeff. Although, if asked, I am happy to be a member and like you think they are doing quite a good job...
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    Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water

    Looks like a minnow to me as well...
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    Oh Hell.

    "Life gets mighty precious when there's less of it to waste"...Bonnie Raitt, in her great song "Nick of time".
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    Casting ability

    Short answer is "no". You don't catch trout with your fly line in the air, do you ? There's at least something to be said for the great Arthur Cove's advice on fly casting - "...just turf it out" - certainly on lakes - although granted it's not the whole story.