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  1. 3lbgrayling

    very good night/evening

    A bit of cloud cover had me dropping chores and heading out.started about 5pm on a myself(good boy) did not see much surface activity,so put on a 3' midge tip with long leader with 2 flies.Black mosaic tadpole(plastic bead) and Organza nymph on dropper. nice wee breeze. so just let boat...
  2. 3lbgrayling

    Just before the rain.Tonight.

  3. 3lbgrayling

    a few trout from tonight

    Forgive me if your still in lockdown,but I hope you like them.
  4. 3lbgrayling

    Scratched my Itch

    After a scorching day today.(lockdown lifted) I went to the club loch at 7pm. to go out for an hour or 2. managed 3 nice browns,and missed several more..Joy and bliss. the world looked fine.nature was in full bloom.I will probably give myself another shot tomorrow. Jim
  5. 3lbgrayling

    Another mag title going

    I see that Bauer media are going to digitise/sell/close Sea angler along with 9 other titles. Jim
  6. 3lbgrayling


    I take it that all our English members are in bed ready for fishing tomorrow.??? Jim
  7. 3lbgrayling

    Oh Hell.

    This would have been a great evening to be on the water fishing buzzers.Dam.& Blast. Jim
  8. 3lbgrayling

    Fishery opening 4th May Scotland ???

    Just a short post about this madness, .Please do not do this.You will not do our cause any good. Jim
  9. 3lbgrayling


    This is normally a great time for me as as a birdwatcher as the summer migrants flood in. but as lockdown continues,I am limited to what appears in my windows ( Those that know me know that I have lost a great tree) but the upside is i'm seeng more Raptors.. but I can still see the top of a tree...
  10. 3lbgrayling

    Matt Hayes live again

    another Matt Hays facebook live broadcast tomorrow 8/4/20 at 8pm last 2 were good. Matthayesfish. Jim
  11. 3lbgrayling

    Migrants Leaving /Arriving

    The current wind direction should be good for Scandinavian migrants returning home.But not until the weekend will it be good for geese heading to Iceland.and SBJ's heading into Britain Jim
  12. 3lbgrayling


    I recieved a report that the 1st of our pr of Ospreys had arrived today at our club Loch. Jim
  13. 3lbgrayling

    Matt Hayes Corona fishing tales

    I've just watched an hour of live Streaming from Matt.this was really good.It might be on Live tomorrow again it.he is such a good Fisherman/Broadcaster. Matt Hayes Fish.FB site. Jim
  14. 3lbgrayling

    UCAPA water Clyde

    I have just heard that UCAPA water is closed on the river clyde Jim
  15. 3lbgrayling

    Lake Of Menteith Closed

    =AZVMllgOs0cYHGPzlsMwQOPkSsOQDjvViz2OWMXjx8KpQFKDXOe23kfjYTxWlceW2bKgAwGAw2bB05M-PrnDvLBTJfn94e7Qv3R6DkeDVbVfGcOh0_RheD2BkE2Vuirk-88&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R']Quint Glen · The Lake of Menteith Fisheries has taken the decision to close as of today 22nd March until further notice. We wish you all the...
  16. 3lbgrayling

    winters back.

    Heavy snow falling/lying .Late night so hopefully gone when I get up.
  17. 3lbgrayling

    Curlews are back.

    It was boats in today.Boats all launched..but on they way home just at the edge of the loch.I came across about 40 curlews.Spring has really arrived.:). Jim
  18. 3lbgrayling

    2 year suspended sentance.?????? Jim
  19. 3lbgrayling

    High water Getting close to a new record, Jim