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  1. bucksflyfisher

    Fishing in Lincolnshire Wolds

    I fished Toft Newton many times in the 1980s and now am considering moving to the area. There appear to be some chalk streams in the area - does anyone know if there is any river trout fishing in the area?
  2. bucksflyfisher

    Sunray lines

    Loads of ads for Sunray lines on FB at the moment. Are they as good as they look in the ads?
  3. bucksflyfisher

    Boat partner for Carsington?

    I'm intending to fish Carsington Water over the next couple of weeks. I've done a little boat fishing at Chew and Farmoor but still consider myself to be very much of a beginner. If anyone is fishing Carsington soon and wouldn't mind me tagging along and sharing the cost of the boat, I'd welcome...
  4. bucksflyfisher

    Fishing in Limousin

    I live near St Yrieix la Perche and have been unsuccessfully searching for some decent river fly fishing for some time. Any advice would be much appreciated. All the rivers near me seem to be devoid of fish, probably because the locals kill everything they catch except carp.
  5. bucksflyfisher

    Good quality cassette reel and spare spools

    Looking for a good quality cassette reel for 7wt line with at least 3 spools in total. I have 2 lovely Battenkill Disk reels, both in pouches 5/6 and 7/8 to trade. Also looking for spare spool for an original Orvis Hydros for 3wt line.
  6. bucksflyfisher

    Maxcatch lightweight chest pack

    Just received this pack Fly Fishing Chest Bag Lightweight Chest Pack from Maxcatch. Have not used it yet but have given it a really good inspection and can report that it is really well thought out and well made from what appear to be good quality materials. In my opinion it is incredible value...
  7. bucksflyfisher

    River Amber, Derbyshire

    Does anyone fish this lovely little tributary of the Derwent? Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  8. bucksflyfisher

    River Amber - Derbyshire

    Does anyone have any information on fishing on this tributary of the Derwent? It looks good but I can't find any info.
  9. bucksflyfisher

    Favourite fluorocarbon

    I've got to stock up on fluorocarbon. Have always used Fulling Mill. Can anyone advise on better alternatives or better value fluorocarbon lines?
  10. bucksflyfisher

    Wychwood Connect Series River Nympher Super Thin Running Fly Fishing Line WF-2-4

    Has anyone had any experience with this line? Currently using a French Leader set up but wondered if swapping to one of these would be preferable.
  11. bucksflyfisher

    Trout lake near Ipswich

    I seem to recall that there is a members only trout lake somewhere between Ipswich and Felixstowe. I can't find any information on Google. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  12. bucksflyfisher

    Chew Valley Boat Seat

    I was lucky enough to use one of the original Chew Valley Boat Seats manufactured by the late Dave Wheeler on my last visit to Chew. What a revelation! The only seat I've ever used that remained comfortable for a whole day on the water. I'd love to get hold of one but am aware that they are no...
  13. bucksflyfisher

    K Dowling 4" Centerpin Reel - Line guard

    I have an old Dowling centrepin that I use for barbel and chub fishing. The line guard has long been missing and I would love to replace it. Does anyone have either a guard or an old Dowling reel that they could sell me? The type I need is as shown in the picture.
  14. bucksflyfisher

    Fishing near Wimborne.

    Staying in Knobcrook, Wimborne Minster, for a couple of days next week. Are there any free stretches on the River Allen in the area? Alternatively are there any day ticket fisheries that don't cost an arm and a leg in the area. Can't afford a holiday membership with Christchurch AC as will only...
  15. bucksflyfisher

    Greys GR30 7wt 9'5" - advice needed

    I've just ordered one of these, for the princely sum of £31, to leave in the UK as a back up reservoir boat fishing rod. I bought it based on the bargain price and the fact that I have an old GRX with a lovely easy action that suits me very well and the reviews seem to suggest that the GR30 has...
  16. bucksflyfisher

    Wanted quality WF6 floating line

    Can swap for (one of) bnib Hardy Marksman DT2, DT4, DT5, DT7, WF4, WF7 all floating, or SA Sharkskin WF-7-F.
  17. bucksflyfisher

    Reservoir fishing questions

    I have bought a Shakey Agility 9'6" #6 rod specifically for boat fishing as I don't really want to take my trusty old Sage SP on a boat where I suspect it is more likely to be at risk from my clumsiness. I need to line the rod for boat fishing plus the occasional bit of reservoir bank fishing...
  18. bucksflyfisher

    Lamson Guru Series 2. Size 2 spool

    Does anyone have a spare spool, for Lamson Guru Series 2 in a size 2 by any chance?
  19. bucksflyfisher

    Hardy Angel Reel 7/8 and spare spool

    I will be selling a number of items over the next few months. These have all come from the estate of a deceased friend and all proceeds of sale will be going to charities related to cancer/melanoma research. I have a large number of items, including rods, reels, numerous fully populated fly...
  20. bucksflyfisher

    Accomodation - Chew/Blagdon

    Two of us are planning a week in the Chew Valley in late April/Early May. I'd be grateful for any recommendations on good accommodation in the area. Obviously can go the Google and Air BnB route but looking for personal recommendations if possible. Many thanks.