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  1. Tommy Ruffe


    It's all very confusing, I am/we are, apparently, allowed a short drive (10 mins.) to take exercise (a ½ mile walk (1 turn)) around our private and secluded reservoir, but I am not allowed to fish! Meanwhile, it seems, god's gifts to the environment, the cyclists. can do exactly as they please.
  2. Tommy Ruffe

    Can Trout See Colour?

    Graeme Pullen of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show in this video (at around 7mins 30secs) says that trout can't see colour. I've always believed they could and proved it, to my own satisfaction, at Ladybower when me and my mate Dave could only catch on flies with red incorporated in them. What...
  3. Tommy Ruffe

    Is Float-Fishing Now de Rigueur?

    Argh!!! So many of our new members and day ticket anglers new to the sport are turning up at Wharncliffe and float-fishing ... Is the art of fly fishing being lost? What's also noticeable is that these self-styled 'fly-fishermen' only turn up just after a stocking hoping for some 'easy' fish...
  4. Tommy Ruffe


    I recently came across a couple of comments in an old fishing book that I thought might amuse some of my fishy friends on the forum: "I've yet yet to be convinced that any fish is capable of reasoning that the slender thread, a few thousands of an inch in diameter, extending out of sight...
  5. Tommy Ruffe

    Leadmill Trout Farm, Hope Valley, Derbyshire.

    I was told today that Leadmill Trout Farm was closing and they were going to turn it into a Caravan Park (of all things). Has anyone else heard the rumours? They've been supplying Morehall Reservoir for the past four seasons and the quality of their stockies has been second to none. :omg:
  6. Tommy Ruffe

    Deep Dilemma

    After all the moralising, soul-searching and pontificating on the forum about the ethics of Catch and Release, Catch and Kill and the use of barbed or barbless hooks what is the feeling about dragging a trout up from 30ft of water through the oxygen depleted levels in the current spell of hot...
  7. Tommy Ruffe

    Is Fly Fishing Phoney

    … at least on reservoirs and still-waters? Most of the time we're fishing for recent stockies that will grab just about anything, Christmas Tree baubles, Blobs, Snakes, Cat's Whiskers, et al! Only occasionally, once they've acclimatised, will they feed on hatching/falling insects. Often, at...
  8. Tommy Ruffe

    Laidback Lee

    My mate Lee reckons there's nothing better than a relaxing day's fishing after a long night shift. Looks like you could do with a damsel there Lee. ;)
  9. Tommy Ruffe

    How many ...

    average posts per day do you make. :omg:
  10. Tommy Ruffe

    What fly could you not do with in your flybox?

    To this day I've never caught on a Peter Ross. :omg:
  11. Tommy Ruffe

    England 1 Iceland 2

    Well, now that we've been beaten, and comprehensibly outplayed, by a country with the population the size of Leicester perhaps we could demand a replay. Does anyone know where we can sign a petition to get one. :omg:
  12. Tommy Ruffe

    Reservoir Catches Down?

    Has anyone, who fishes reservoirs, found that their catch rates are down on last season? I fish a local reservoir (Sheffield) and, so far this season, my catches are down 50% on last. I like to fish dries (and emergers :omg:) whenever I can but rises on our reservoir so far this season have...
  13. Tommy Ruffe

    Wanted: Greys GLA 90 reel

    Good condition?
  14. Tommy Ruffe

    How Big Is Your ... Estimation?

  15. Tommy Ruffe

    Well, that's it ...

    The water in our reservoir, Morehall, is warming up and the fish appear to have vacated the warmer margins. With no boat fishing allowed it looks as though that's it until it cools down around September time. My mate at Scout Dyke, near Penistone, tells me he's blanked on the last five outings...
  16. Tommy Ruffe

    The Roll Cast

    I'd like to try to improve my pathetic attempts at roll-casting. Would I be correct in assuming that the best rod to use would be a medium-action rod and perhaps the best line to use would be a double taper; I'm using #5 weight rods?
  17. Tommy Ruffe

    Great Advert For Fishing ... Love it! :D
  18. Tommy Ruffe

    Winter Grayling

    Can anyone recommend any nymphs for Winter Grayling? I've just started fishing the River Don, near Sheffield and just managed to catch my first three Grayling on Friday, on a tungsten bead Pink Shrimp - after six previously fruitless attempts! - it seems like hard work. :confused:
  19. Tommy Ruffe

    The truth about lines.

    Perhaps, after this intense debate over the cost of fishing rods, we could now have a debate about the cost of lines? I've used relatively cheap lines from the likes of John Norris and Sonik and found them to be every bit as good, if not better, than the more expensive ones from say Snowbee...
  20. Tommy Ruffe


    I'd like to thank garyatwyffs for the sample of beautifully tied Klinkhammers and weighted nymphs he has sent to me. They look far superior to other commercially tied flies I've bought. I'm hoping to try them out next week. Cheers Gary :thumbs: