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  1. Tommy Ruffe

    Are Shakespeare about to replace the Agility 2?

    I bought a 9ft #5wt, when they first came out, and had to have it replaced as the joints were continually working loose. The replacement rod was exactly the same ... I complained to Shakespeare who said that "they'd never had any problems with their Agility 2 rod" - I gave the rod away! I've...
  2. Tommy Ruffe

    Tying knots with deteriorating eyesight - advice?

    Orvis do small hooks with large oversized eyes.
  3. Tommy Ruffe

    Hawthorn Fly

    I've been seeing them, Bibio Marci, for the past two weeks or so. In fact, in all my days, I've never seen so many! I'm told they hatch out of fields of couch grass but I actually saw them flying around a Hawthorn tree and adjoining Hawthorn edge. I think they're so-called because they...
  4. Tommy Ruffe


    Steak and kidney, liver and onions ... lekker. 😋
  5. Tommy Ruffe

    Oh Hell.

    Never seen as many Hawthorns in all my days in this neck of the woods. 😭
  6. Tommy Ruffe

    The problem with 'fish locally' if that's a condition of starting fishing again

    It's a start. My club water is just 3.2 miles. I'd walk it if I could.
  7. Tommy Ruffe

    Fly line to leader

    Needle knot 15lb Sunset Amnesia (5ft) to your fly line then step it down to 10lb (2½ft) terminate in a Perfection Loop. Add your tippet (3ft) to that matching the diameter to your hook size. Experiment with different lengths to suit yourself. There's simply no need for anything more elaborate.
  8. Tommy Ruffe


    I'd be compelled to actually follow the rules of the road and I'd feel guilty about not contributing to their upkeep. This antiquated form of transport should be confined to parks and playgrounds as suits the mentality of cyclists. They're a menace to themselves and to other road users! ;)
  9. Tommy Ruffe


    Pity you can't wear the Big Shoes to complete the ensemble. ;)
  10. Tommy Ruffe


    It's all very confusing, I am/we are, apparently, allowed a short drive (10 mins.) to take exercise (a ½ mile walk (1 turn)) around our private and secluded reservoir, but I am not allowed to fish! Meanwhile, it seems, god's gifts to the environment, the cyclists. can do exactly as they please.
  11. Tommy Ruffe

    Important to you.

  12. Tommy Ruffe


    Never caught owt on a Church Fry but his Appetiser always went down well.
  13. Tommy Ruffe

    Cleaning fly lines

    I've found the best, and easiest way to clean a fly line is to fold a sheet of kitchen roll into a pad and lightly spray it with clean water and draw the line through a couple of times. You'd be surprised at the amount of dirt removed and without potentially damaging soaps, detergents or other...
  14. Tommy Ruffe

    There is hope...

    Well done oscarthecat. I'm sure that re-opening our local water, just 4 miles from home, where a small membership can practice social-distancing, especially now that the stockie-bashing, day ticket wallahs have been stopped, would greatly contribute to the mental well-being of myself and that...
  15. Tommy Ruffe

    Sunday fly lines

    Isn't the Barrio SLX a brick on a string?
  16. Tommy Ruffe

    Mono to fly line internal attachment

    I prefer the security of a needle knot. Tried the superglue method and it failed ... miserably.
  17. Tommy Ruffe

    Arthur Coves book - a fishing debate.

    1. It could also be his version of a sink tip. 2. I suspect all waters are heavily stocked prior competitions and the competitors are just stockie-bashing with lures, blobs et al. A PTN would be pretty much ineffective for stockies. I'd be interested to hear what competition anglers have to...
  18. Tommy Ruffe

    What was the smallest flies you fished with?

    Small flies can be very effective on Wharncliffe but when you show them to the lure/blob anglers they look at you in disbelief. :LOL: